Rev. A. Mulder, of Kalamazoo, declined the call extended him by our Creston congregation. —Randolph’s new trio consists of the Revs. C. Hanko, R.C. Harbach and M. Schipper. —The congregations of Forbes and Isabel jointly extended a call to our Missionary, Rev. G. Lubbers. —Grand Haven’s congregation called the Rev. G. VanBaren from the trio presented to them. 

Doon—Rev. VanBaren very cleverly utilized the back page of his Dec. 4 bulletin to print order blanks for subscriptions to The Standard Bearer and to theBeacon Lights. Only the blanks for the name and address were left for the subscriber to fill in—the mail address of Mr. Jason Dykstra of the Standard Bearer Board, and Miss Janet Kunz, of the Beacon Lights Staff being given also. Surely only the lack of eight dollars could be a valid excuse for not ordering our church papers. 

First—The Ladies’ Aid Society recently dispensed gifts totaling over $750.00, giving varying amount toThe Standard Bearer, Beacon Lights, Adams School, Chr. High School, our own High School Society, Children’s Retreat, Pine Rest Hospital and the Recording Fund, besides laying away another addition to the Mission Fund they are building up. 

Edgerton—The thank offering received in the Communion service held Dec. 11, was designated for the Pine Rest Hospital. 

Grand Haven’s bulletin rack also contains pamphlets furnished by First’s Sunday School Pub. Society, and radio sermons which the people are advised to pass on to friends after having read them themselves. 

Holland’s pastor, Rev. G. Lanting was the speaker at Hope’s P.T.A. meeting held December 9. 

Hope’s Mr. and Mrs. Society has been added to the ever lengthening list of groups to enjoy a guided tour of Children’s Retreat. 

Hudsonville’s Dec. 11 bulletin had a special cover depicting the needs of the Christian Foundation for Handicapped Children, and contained a notice of a benefit coffee and luncheon to be held in their village for that worthwhile cause. Kalamazoo’s pastor, Rev. A. Mulder, used a bulletin notice to express his thanks for the volunteer work, provided by his parishioners, which made possible the completion of a garage on the parsonage property. 

Lynden’s Dec. 11 bulletin, on the day that Rev. Harbach preached on Lord’s Day 22—The Comfort of Bodily Resurrection—contained this quote: “In this we have comfort, that all believers will rise at the last clay; of which Paul, reasoning saith, ‘if the dead rise not, then is Christ not risen.’ The manner of our resurrection we may read in Ezek. 37, how we shall rise with flesh and bones.” 

Oak Lawn’s Men’s Society met in South Holland with their society, Nov. 28. The Young People’s Society was host to South Holland’s young people on Dec. 11. The two congregations maintain a joint choral society. All this shows a healthy relationship between sister churches which is highly commendable. 

Southeast’s congregation has decided upon the purchase of a Gulbransen Organ for their new church auditorium. The beginning of the funds for this purchase was by Mr. and Mrs. Society sponsored banks, and will be completed by an addition of fifty cents to the weekly budget. 

South Holland’s pastor, Rev. J.A. Heys, inserted the following notice in his Nov. 27 bulletin: “Several members of our congregations in Isabel and Forbes have asked us to express a word of thanks for them to our congregation for the services our pastor was able to perform in their midst on his recent Classical appointment.” 

The Program Committee of the Reformed Witness Hour contributed the following: “During the five Sundays of January Rev. H. Hoeksema continues his series of radio sermons expounding the vision of the Apostle John as recorded in the Book of Revelation, chapters five and six. Thus far in this current series, the radio listeners have learned that the council of God shall surely stand unto the coming of the Kingdom of God and the realization of His eternal Covenant; also that God alone realizes His kingdom, and all attempts of man to establish a kingdom of peace are vain, and that Christ alone is worthy and powerful to bring the kingdom of Heaven. Sunday, Jan. 1, the speaker further explains the Revelation with a sermon entitled “The Lamb Receives The Book.” The following three broadcasts are devoted to the “Four Horsemen,” in which the colors of the horses and their Biblical meaning are discussed. This series of radio broadcasts should prove exceedingly comforting and edifying to all the listeners who look eagerly for the Corning of our Lord Jesus Christ. Written copies are available by request. The address—The Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 8, Grand Rapids, Mich.” 

…. see you in church.