News From Our Churches

Along with the above Report of Classis West, Rev. Engelsma sent the following item of interest: 

“Most of the delegates to Classis West came a day early, to attend an officebearers’ conference on Tuesday afternoon and evening. The conference was set up by the conference committee, Rev. W. Bekkering and Rev. R. Miersma. The subject of the conference was ‘The Law and the Gospel.’ Two papers served as a basis for discussion. Rev. G. Lubbers introduced his paper on ‘The Law and the Gospel.’ A paper by Mr. M. Cimo, a member of the Trinity Prot. Ref’d. Church of Houston, Texas, on ‘The Law of God’ had been distributed to the delegates prior to the conference. (Copies of these papers are available from Rev. Bekkering.) The discussion was lively, stimulating, and brotherly. The committee is to be commended for arranging the conference and encouraged to arrange similar meetings in the future.” 

Elected to serve on the Reformed Free Publishing Association Board at the annual meeting of September 18 were George DeVries, Arnold Haveman, and William A. Lafferty. Rev. Schipper spoke on the topic, “The Standard Bearer as a Responsible, Witness. “‘ In his closing remarks Rev. Schipper emphasized that it is our responsibility to continue the work of the Standard Bearer as a faithful witness of the truth, for, he said, “This is the standard we are required to bear in the world.” That’s quite a responsibility! 

So as not to make a liar of our former news editor, who wrote that more on the Spanish letter would be forthcoming, and not to disappoint Rev. Schipper, who made mention of his interest in the Spanish letter during his speech to the R.F.P.A., we now relay the latest. At the risk of seeming anticlimactic we must inform you that the whole thing was a mistake: The letter’s author apparently wrote the wrong post office box number on his envelope. One respondent, who recently returned to the U.S. from El Salvador and now resides in Jackson, Mississippi, sent the following interpretation of the letter to our business manager: 

“My dear friends: Hope you are well. I would like to ask you a favor. I would like to get some sample of your published books. Also if you could get for me a book titled, El Crimen La droga y yo (Crime, drugs and I). 

I really need the above title. Have tried in vain to get it down here. Hope you can help me.” 

Another respondent, this one from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, even went through the work of composing a response in Spanish which he suggested be sent back to Panama. You may have noticed that at the outset we called this whole thing a “mistake.” That the author of the letter from Jackson, Mississippi would disagree with the use of that particular term is clear from the following P.S. in his letter to Mr. VanderWal: “I think this fellow intended this letter for David Vila of CLIE and goofed on the P.O. Box number, but God is so great that who knows? Maybe this might be the way to bring the P.R. down to Central America.”