Rev. G. Vanden Berg of Oak Lawn, Illinois, has declined the call sent to him by our Creston church. Creston expects to choose another trio October 31, D.V. 

From Grand Haven’s bulletin we learn of our Missionary’s itinerary which includes three lectures in the West: “The Infallible Earmarks of the Last Hour” at Prairie City, Iowa, Oct. 11; “Calvin And The Reformed Faith,” at Pella, Oct. 18; “The Raging of Satan” at Killduff, Iowa, Nov. 3. 

Contribution from the Radio Committee

Are you listening? Regularly? Each Sunday? You should! Every Sabbath Day the Reformed Witness Hour presents a distinctively Reformed radio program, with distinctively Reformed preaching of the Word of God and distinctively Reformed singing of Zion’s songs. Many phases of Biblical Truths and Reformed doctrine are treated. For example—during the month of November Rev. G. Vanden Berg, of Oak Lawn, Illinois, will speak to you on “The Distinguishing Marks of the Church,” “Membership In The Church,” “The Thanksgiving Of A Rich Fool,” and concludes his series with the theme “Marching To Zion.” Be sure to hear these, and all the broadcasts of the Reformed Witness Hour. For our readers who live in a locality where this program is not aired, printed copies can be procured free by writing for them at our address: P.O. Box 8, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Loveland’s bulletin gives a clever definition of the word “justified,”—Say it this way, “Just-as-if-I-died!” 

When “The Signs Of The Times,” discussed recently in the after recess program of the Holland’s Men’s Society, have been fulfilled, then the “Communion Of Saints” discussed in Hope’s Ladies’ Aid Society, will no longer be on this earth, but will be a communion of redeemed saints in Glory. We wonder if the world’s “subduing of the earth,” and the recent meeting of 99 nations in New York, colored the above mentioned societies’ discussions. 

All of the area bulletins advertise a Reformation Day program as “something new, exciting and entirely different. Evidently Southeast Church will be the place, and Adams St. ninth grade will be the sponsor of this program to which we are all being alerted. 

The Oak Lawn-South Holland joint Choral Society venture has advanced so that a study committee gave a report Oct. 19 on the director problem, and also provided a proposed constitution to be adopted. 

In one of Hull’s bulletins Rev. Kortering gave this quotation from Toplady: “Let Diotrephes say, ‘It is good for me to have preeminence’; let Judas say, ‘It is good for me to bear the bag’; let Demas say, ‘It is good for me to embrace the present world’; but do thou O my soul, say with David, ‘It is good for me to draw nigh to God’.” 

. . . . see you in church.