The 1959 Synod is history. Rev. G. Vos, president of the last Synod, conducted the PreSynodical. Prayer Service, preaching on the phrase, “Go, sit down in the lowest room,” found in Luke 14:10. The Rev. exhorted the delegates: to the exercise of that Christian virtue, humility. Some of the decisions made are: Rev. G.M. Ophoff was granted his request to be made emeritus-professor; a call was issued to Rev. H.C. Hoeksema to be professor in our Seminary; and, our Missionary was mandated to labor in the Isabel-Forbes area for another year, thereby postponing a decision to receive them as sister churches in the interim. The coming Year Book will contain all the decisions of Synod besides the statistics of our churches—be sure to get a copy. 

The Protestant Reformed Men’s Chorus Spring Concert fulfilled all our anticipations. They rendered a program of high Christian caliber in a manner pleasing to the audience and, we believe, well pleasing to God Whose Name was extolled in every number. A cornet duet by Ken Schuiteman and Don Veltman and a vocal duet by Herman and Edward Ophoff assisted the chorus in the praise-worship of the God of our Salvation. The closing number of the chorus, “Creation,” was truly a masterpiece! One could enjoy a “prehearing” of the song of the angels when they shall extol the Creator’s greatness in the New Heavens and the New Earth, when we shall learn from them the details of the Creation in all its grandeur. 

The congregation of First Church celebrated the 45th wedding anniversary of Rev. and Mrs. H. Hoeksema, June 10th, with an evening of Christian entertainment and fellowship. The entertainment was provided by each of the societies in the church. Delegates presented solos and duets, vocal and instrumental; felicitations were given in poetry and prose composed for the occasion. One of the special numbers, rendered by the Men’s Chorus, was composed by the director, and was based on the call to praise found inPsalm 25. It mattered little what form they took, they all were given and received in the love that binds a minister and his wife to their congregation. Letters of congratulations were read, one from Rev. C. Hanko from his hospital bed, and another from a minister in far off Hungary. A purse was presented to the celebrating couple as a token of love, and of appreciation for the faithful labor of the minister and the faithful support of his helpmate. After the program in the auditorium the people gathered in the church parlors for refreshments, and opportunity was given to extend the personal well wishes of the people to their beloved “Dominee and Juffrouw.”

There was rejoicing in the manse at Doon when Rev. and Mrs. Gise VanBaren became the happy parents of a baby daughter, born May 22nd. The month of May brought joy to the family and friends of Mr. and Mrs. I. Korhorn, members of Hope Church. They Were privileged to celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary on the 17th of that month. 

Rev. C. Hanko of First Church, submitted to surgery for pyloric ulcer June 4th. He has returned to his home and is making satisfactory recovery at this writing. 

Do you know . . . . 

That there is a Committee for Protestant Reformed Action which has a flourishing life in the churches of Classis West? In a recent report published by the Board of this committee they call attention to the fact that the committee is not extinct, and that it has not outlived its usefulness, but, on the contrary, it is very much alive and, active. Quoting from a recent letter sent out by the committee: “Dear Christian Friends, We are sending you a list of free pamphlets which are available upon request. Your request involves you in no obligation whatever. . . . we feel that the nature of these pamphlets is too valuable to be limited to one small group . . . possibly you will find some which will be of assistance to you in society discussion, or will guide you in answering questions you have often wondered about. For your convenience we are enclosing a self addressed stamped postal card. Simply check number of pamphlets in which you are interested, and write down your mailing address . . .” The Board was gratified to receive better than 13% response to this advertisement, to date 134 requests for 1,137 pamphlets—fruit of 1,000 letters addressed mostly to members of Christian Reformed Churches. The pamphlets advertised? Those which may be found in the pamphlet racks in all of our churches. If you desire more information regarding the work of that Committee; or wish to help them in any manner, write to Rev. H. Veldman, Edgerton; Minnesota, or Mr. Peter Vander Top; Rock Rapids, Iowa. 

And that . . .

There is an Association for Protestant Reformed Education in action in the Oak Lawn, South Holland area. As the name implies, the Association, through its Board, is striving towards the goal of having a School Society made up of members of Prot. Ref. Churches and building and maintaining a school inculcating P.R. principles, taught by P.R. teachers. At the May 10th Annual meeting a decision was .reached to conduct a financial drive with the goal, “the opening of our own school in 1960.” This month’s Proverb: “Where no wood is, the fire goeth out; so where there is no talebearer, the strife ceaseth.” Prov. 26:20

. . . . see you in church.