Rev. H. Hanko, of Hope Church, received the call from Grand Haven; Rev. G. Lubbers was also on that trio, the third member being Rev. G. VanBaren, and not Rev. R.C. Harbach, as reported last time.

From a trio which included Rev. R.C. Harbach and Rev. M. Schipper, Randolph’s congregation called Rev. A. Mulder, of Kalamazoo.

Rev. C. Hanko, of First Church, declined the call extended him from the Dakota churches, Isabel and Forbes.

Doon’s congregation has received the long awaited new edition of the Psalters ordered some time ago. Their new project is already under way, that of purchasing new Bibles for the auditorium and for society use in the church parlors. And, it was from Doon that we learned that Rev. B. Woudenberg was scheduled to speak at the annual meeting of the Society for Protestant Reformed Action Committee.

The Sunday School Teachers’ Mass Meeting was held Sept. 16 in Southwest Church. Thus, this Kingdom work among the children of the covenant is again off to a fresh start.

Holland’s congregation held an Inspirational meeting Monday, Sept. 12. This is an annual meeting for the preparation for the coming society season. An inspirational address and an appropriate program was planned.

The annual family visitations by our consistories are well under way in most churches, some have already been completed, thus satisfying the tenth question asked by the Church Visitors.

The OfficeBearers’ Conference will be held at our Hudsonville Church, Oct. 4. Rev. C. Hanko, of First Church, is scheduled to speak on the question, “Must the approval of Classis be obtained for the censure of a baptized member?”

How very familiar is the appeal found in Hope’s bulletin reminding the members of the congregation of a second meeting of a society, the first having been poorly attended, this time that of the Choral Society which needs more male voices. We suppose it to be the lethargic result of the summer vacation when spiritual exercises have been suspended. Are we not all, more or less, guilty of such torpor? This same indication of indifference recently resulted in a form letter handed out at a church service in First Church. The letter was from the Men’s Society, and was an urgent address to the men of the congregation who could, but did not, attend the first meeting of the society.

Rev. C. Hanko spent eight days in Ferguson Hospital, in Grand Rapids, submitting to corrective surgery. During his two week absence from his pulpit Rev. H. Hoeksema preached twice each Sunday.

Loveland’s bulletin quoted a poem entitled, “Remember Me,” which was a prayer for God’s remembering the fallen sinner by showing him the Way of the Cross. What was so unique about that quotation was that it was printed in the German language! And, a telegram directed to Rev. H. Hoeksema was printed in Loveland’s bulletin above the signature of the clerk, William A. Griess, as follows: “Whereas distance prohibits a delegation from our midst, the consistory had mandated me to extend ours and the congregation’s heartiest congratulations to your on your forty-fifth anniversary in the ministry. May the Lord sustain you further to the fullness of his counsel for you here, and bless our churches through your further labors as He has done in the past.”

Contribution—The Program Committee of the Reformed Witness Hour is happy to announce that Rev. H. Hanko, pastor of the Hope Prot. Ref. Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan, will be the guest speaker for the month of October. He had taken his texts from the First Epistle of Peter. His topic will be, “Begotten Unto A Lively Hope,” “Hope’s Apology,” “Armed For Suffering,” and “Watching Unto the End.” Be sure to listen to the preaching of the Word of God as proclaimed over the distinctively Reformed Radio Program—The Reformed Witness Hour. Free copies of every sermon are available. Write to The Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 8, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

To call attention to the new Year Book, we quote from Lynden’s bulletin: “Each family is urged to acquire a copy of the Acts of our 1960 Synod, which met in session from June 1-10. A copy costs only $1.00. and furnishes you with indispensable information concerning the kingdom work our churches have done, and are doing. Also you will have concrete evidence that our denomination is not dwindling away, or falling apart, but it growing in numbers, in spirit, and in enthusiasm. Keep yourself well informed!”

Southeast Church celebrated a great event Sunday, Sept. 4, as expressed in the following bulletin quote: “Today is the first Lord’s Day in our new church home. May God’s work appear unto us in this place and His glory to our children, and may the work of our hands be established by Him to His praise.”

From Redland’s bulletin we learn that church activities are once again in full swing, with announcements of first meetings of catechisms and societies taking up most of the space in the issue of September 11.

…. see you in church.