The Deficit Drive Committee of Adams St. School joyfully announced that their goal had been reached and topped by 15%. This drive was conducted by mail, the Lord impressing the need of that kingdom cause upon the hearts of the people so that they might use the privilege of fulfilling their covenant promise, “to help or cause them to be instructed therein to the utmost of your power.” 

Redlands has called the Rev. H. Veldman from a trio which also included the Revs. H. Hanko and J. Heys. 

Rev. C. Hanko, of First Church, was prevented from preaching May 10 and 17 due to recurrence of stomach ulcers. The last severe attack was about one year ago and prevented him from occupying a delegate’s seat at Synod.

Concerning Miss Alice Reitsma, Church News Editor of the Beacon Lights, First’s bulletin reports: “. . . . is confined to her bed much of the time, but expresses that our God is the ever present help in every trouble.” 

A Family Night has been scheduled to be held at Adams St. School, May 22nd. An enjoyable evening has been planned, starting with a cafeteria style supper at 5:30, and an auction sale and entertainment following. 

A 60th wedding anniversary was celebrated by Mr. and Mrs. J. Schaap of First Church, May 13th. The bulletin expressed the prayer, “May their expectation be upon Father’s House with its many mansions.” 

Hope’s congregation anticipate the improvement of their parking facilities and new sidewalks decided upon at the last congregational meeting. 

These coming events cast their shadows ahead of them: South Holland’s congregational picnic at Sweet Woods South on Memorial Day; Hope School picnic at Hughes Park at Hudsonville, June 11. The Memorial Day picnic just mentioned features a Ladies’ Aid Sale designed to build up the fund being raised to purchase new Bibles for the church auditorium. 

Oak Lawn’s and South Holland’s young people planned a get-together May 13th at Oak Lawn. Rev. H.C. Hoeksema was slated for a talk; a short program and games, with refreshments s comprised the evening’s entertainment. 

Did you know that . . .

* Rev. and Mrs. H. Hoeksema will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary June 7, and that the congregation plans to meet together Wednesday evening, June 10, to congratulate them, D.V.;

* Rev. G.M. Ophoff attends divine worship services every Sunday, though he has not yet taken up any of his former duties; 

* Hudsonville conducts Sunday School only during the summer months, and the pastor’s wife is the kindergarten teacher; 

* The Young People’s Society of Kalamazoo held their annual outing at Milham Park, May 12th. 

The Male Chorus’ program at First Church, May 24th, provided an opportunity for the audience to help Southeast Church swell their New Organ Fund total. 

Redlands enjoyed the ministrations of Rev. H. Veldman, breaking the Bread of Life for them May 3rd and 10th, and also on Ascension Day. 

The following membership roll changes were noted: First Church received a family from Southwest; Hudsonville received a family from Hope; Redlands transferred a family to Hope; First lost a member who, we may believe, was transferred to the Church Triumphant; Kalamazoo gained an individual confessing member; Hull welcomed three new infants, Hope greeted two, and Lynden and Southwest each received one. 

Quotable Quote: “The general assumption is (even though it be not plainly formulated) there is so little wrong with the fallen descendants of Adam that all they need to do is read the Bible and hear the Gospel preached, and they will easily turn to Christ. A little information, plus a little earnest persuasion, and almost anyone can be induced to sign a card and accept Christ as his personal Savior.’ Consequently, the humble, dependent, fervent, united and patient waiting upon God for the power of His Spirit. is a thing of the past.” (Lynden’s bulletin quoting from the works of A.W. Pink.) 

Revs. J. Heys and H. Veldman, Classis West’s Church Visitors, traveled over 5,700 miles in twelve days, with a week-end stop in Lynden and overnight stops in Redlands and Denver (in the home of one of Loveland’s Elders) reaching home Saturday afternoon. They report that our people in those far-flung areas enjoy even those little contacts with our churches. 

Until the next issue let us ponder the words of Solomon as recorded in Prov. 17:9: “He that covereth a transgression seeketh love; but he that repeateth a matter separateth very friends.” 

. . . . see you in church.