News From Our Churches

Rev. VandenBerg has declined the call to Redlands, and the new trio includes Revs. R. Harbach, G. VanBaren and H. Veldman. 

Did you knowe that

Randolph has a Prot. Ref. Chr. School Society. 

Randolph’s church services for March 15 were not conducted because of the severe blizzard that raged through Wisconsin. And, the classical delegates from Randolph were also prevented from attending Classis West that e week due to the weather and its hazardous driving. 

A “coffee” was held at First Church for the benefit of the Christian Foundation for Handicapped Children. Friends and neighbors came for a coffee kletz in the church parlors instead of their homes, and incidentally contributed over $300.00 for the Foundation which covers the cost of but two days’ expense of the thirteen station wagons used to transport the children. 

Rev. and Mrs. H. Hanko rejoice in the birth of their fourth son. 

Some topics under discussion in the last few weeks: 

Holland Y.P. Society heard a paper on “money” by Bob Windemuller. The “Three Points of Common Grace” were explained by Terry Elzinga of Holland, at South East church in joint session of Young People’s societies. The “Order of Worship” is currently under discussion in South Holland’s Men’s Society. And at Oak Lawn, Bob Rutgers and Grace Ipema led an informal discussion of the question “Should we Prot. Ref. date people from other denominations?”

The following events scheduled for the latter part of March have become history: 

The Sunday School Teachers held their Spring Inspirational meeting March 20th. While the Fall meeting tends to “inspire, the teachers for the season ahead, this meeting served the purpose of renewing the jaded teachers at the season’s close. The Rev. G. Vos was the speaker, and in his inimitable way inspired the teachers with a talk on the injunction given by our Lord when He said, “Suffer little children to come unto me.” 

March 30th was the date of the Men’s League meeting at Hudsonville. Seminarian J. Kortering addressed the large gathering with a lecture on the difficult portion of Scripture found in I Peter 3:19, 20, regarding the preaching of Christ to the spirits in prison. The speaker ably defended the position that the “Preacher” was the exalted Christ Who preached by the Spirit of Christ; that the “preaching” was a heralding of His victory over sin and death, its theme being “Victory Through Suffering”; that the “spirits” were the demons and the spirits of reprobate men, especially those of Noah’s time who were representative of all reprobates who persecute the Church; that the “prison” was the place of torment where the wicked are reserved for the Day of Judgment; and, that the preaching served to vindicate Noah and all of God’s persecuted people. 

The Officebearer’s Conference was held at Creston, March 31st. Rev. M. Schipper spoke to an attentive audience on “The Liturgical Order of Divine Worship.” The speaker stressed the fact that divine worship was not for the benefit of the worshipers but is a service of God wherein God is worshiped; and that our order of worship should be conducive to that end, and should therefore be as beautiful, yet as simple as possible. 

Loveland had a reading service in the morning of March 15 and heard a tape recording in the evening. Both sermons were by the Rev. H. Hoeksema. These services were necessary because Rev. Kuiper was in Pella on a classical appointment while traveling to the Classis West meeting in Illinois. 

The Hope Prot. Ref. School Society sponsored a Family Night in the Hudsonville church April 3rd. The sale of baked goods, sewn articles and refreshments was the means to provide an extra “lift” to the heavy budget of the school society. 

Rev. H. Hoeksema’s Wednesday evening Bible Class has recessed for the season. The “Dominee” was remembered with a gift in appreciation for his work leading the class in the study of “The Doctrine of the Last Things.” Mr. P. Bykerk expressed the sentiment of the entire class when he said, “We do not know the Lord’s will concerning your way, but it is our desire that He may spare you that you may again teach us during the next season.” Rev. Hoeksema, having recently celebrated his 73rd birthday, asserted that the preaching of the Word is still his greatest joy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Redder of Hudsonville came home for a short leave and used that opportunity to present their baby for the Sacrament of Baptism. 

Do you agree—with A.W. Pink quoted in Lynden’s bulletin, “It is a mistake to say that faith is a condition of salvation in the sense that my paying for an article is a condition of obtaining the same. Every condition to the right of salvation has been fulfilled for us by Christ. Faith is rather the connection between the soul and God’s salvation in Christ, and that connection is made by the Holy Ghost.” 

. . . . see you in church.