News From Our Churches

The Protestant Reformed Male Chorus gave its winter program as advertised, Jan. 25, after the evening service, at First Church. The sad feature of winter programs was present: a snow storm of such vehemence that many of our people of the neighboring churches could not attend. Mr. Roland Petersen has a knack of training untrained voices to do his bidding, and the result was an outstanding program which should be repeated when the snow storms are past; not only would the absent neighbors come to hear it, but those at the first performance would be repeaters, we are sure. It has been rumored that the Male Chorus might travel to Illinois for a concert. 

Adv. The Adams St. School Mothers’ Club plans to sponsor a Smorgasbord Feb. 26. Another foreign sounding event, this time Swedish, and according to the dictionary, consisting of many hors d’oeuvers, etc. What is that third generation of Hollanders eating? 

From Hudsonville’s bulletin we learn that Hudsonville’s Rev. Vos suffered, another heart attack, this one less severe than his last one. Rev. Vos was forbidden any activities or visitors, but the next bulletin reported that the Reverend was again in harness (we like to think that a Minister’s harness is one described in Ephesians 6:14-18), using the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. 

We wonder how Grand Haven’s Men’s and Ladies’ Societies answered the question, “Are we born to live, or to die?” 

Five young men of Hope’s congregation made public confession of their faith Sunday evening, Jan. 25. They were John Kalsbeek, Gerald Kuiper, Harry Langerak, Wayne Lanning and Merle Veenstra. 

Rev. Mulder of Kalamazoo preached a sermon based on Psalm 73:24 Sunday evening, Jan. 25, as encouragement for the congregation, and especially for Harold and Frank Triezenberg who made public confession of their faith. And so our churches grow.

News from Lynden, by grapevine instead of their bulletin: Lynden was hard hit by a blizzard in December which felled power lines, breaking the poles like matchsticks. Due to the power failure, which began Sunday morning at 2 o’clock and lasted till Wednesday, everyone was without light and heat There was, of course, no church service; no heat in the homes, no cooking (they lived on cold cereals and sandwiches), no night life except by candlelight; and the citizens dressed like. their northern neighbors, the Eskimos, in their warmest clothing, keeping them on for four days. Further, besides the correspondence with people out east, Rev. Harbach also has opportunity to write an occasional article for the local newspaper; takes his turn to speak in the High School Chapel; speaks frequently on The Lynden Hour, a program on the radio in that region. His last Chapel talk was on the Covenant, and we venture to say that those young people never heard one like it before. It looks like the Reverend’s easy chair, pipe and slippers will not rapidly wear out. 

Have you agreed to be a sponsor for the Young People’s Convention to be held in Oak Lawn this year? By sending a contribution you may help our young people in Oak Lawn and South Holland provide the material things that are necessary for a successful convention. 

Redlands enjoyed their former-pastor, Rev. Kuiper, sent on classical appointment a scant month after his departure for Loveland. Rev. VanBaren ministered to their spiritual needs the next three weeks, Doon meanwhile having one service a week led by Rev. Heys. Jim Lanning and wife are leaving Redlands because his military career is finished and he plans to enter Calvin College in February. Mr. and Mrs. Lanning are members of Hope Church. 

South Holland cancelled catechism and society meetings in the week of Jan. 18 due to stormy weather. 

Here are the changes in the Year Book we promised you, and will report others as they come to us. 

* First Church. Clerk, Gerrit Stadt, 754 Prince St., S. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Treas. Geo. Yonker, Jr., 230 Calkins, S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

* Grand Haven. Clerk, F. Petersen, 113 N. Division, Spring Lake, Mich. Treas. W. Dewitt, 16916 Fruitport Road, Spring Lake, Mich.

* Holland. Clerk, Bernard Windemuller, 267 East 32nd St., Holland, Mich. Treas. Marvin Haveman, 2731 North 112th Ave., Holland, Mich. 

* Redlands. Clerk, Edwin Gritters, 1418 Washington St., Redlands, California. 

* Southeast. Clerk, John Veltman, 1112 Prince, S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Treas., Herman Ophoff, 1632 Nelson, S.E. Grand Rapids, Mich.

* South Holland. Clerk, John Flikkema, 18288 Ada St., Lansing, Ill. Treas., Adrian Lanting, 16348 Prairie Ave., South Holland, Ill.

The young people of Loveland organized a Y.P. Society Sunday, Feb. 1. Another society to send delegates to the August Convention! While Rev. Kuiper was away on classical appointment Loveland conducted services by reading in the morning, and hearing a tape recording in the evening. 

. . . . see you in church.