The Officebearers’ Conference held January 6 was the best attended one of the series. About one hundred Elders and Deacons came to hear a speech by Rev. H. Hoeksema. The Reverend spoke on “The Origin and History of Church Visitation” as it is prescribed in Article 44 of our Church Order. The, speaker pointed out that, originally, Church Visitation was a vital force in the Classis; the visitors, through fraternal advice and admonition, helping to direct all things unto the peace, upbuilding, and greatest profit of the churches. Should this speech be published, it would serve for the instruction of all our office bearers, those in the West, as well as the Eastern brethren who were unable to attend—hence, to the edification of all our churches. 

January 15 was the date of a spaghetti supper held in Hudsonville church sponsored by the Hope School Society. The thoughtfulness of the society was revealed in the fact that pea soup was served to satisfy the appetites of Hollanders who have not yet learned to eat foods with an Italian name. The diners were served from 5:30 to 8:00 so as to avoid long line-ups, enabling the waiters to present their wares piping hot. 

Sunday, Jan. 11, Rev. R. Veldman and Rev. B. Woudenberg exchanged pulpits for the evening service. 

Doon beat us all, we think. They distributed their new church directories Jan. 11. Doon lost a member through dismissal, and gained a member through transfer from Hull. 

Here are some of the topics that have been under discussion in our societies, quite varied, you may notice: Doon’s Men’s Society struggled with the question, “Is an evil thought as bad as an evil deed?” First’s Sr. Y.P. Society discussed the question, “Lucky Numbers, Right or Wrong?”; and a closely-related one: “Should a Christian submit his name for a door prize?” was answered in Holland’s Men’s Society; The Men and Ladies’ Society of Grand Haven studied Art. 36 of the Belgic Conf. concerning the prayer for kings; Oak Lawn’s Ladies’ Aid were occupied with the so-called proof of the Third Point of 1924; the South Holland Men’s Society after recess program consisted of the explanation of Articles 85 and 86 of the Church Order; and, finally, at Hudsonville, in a joint meeting with the Men’s Society of Southwest, the after recess program consisted of a talk on the Tower of Babel by Rev. Schipper. 

We note that Grand Haven and Hudsonville install office bearers on the first Sunday of the new year; and that, if you are a member of Hudsonville, and you do not know the parents of a baby that is baptized, and you do not understand the pronunciation of the baby’s name—you may read it in next week’s bulletin. 

We would like to list the new clerks of consistories on this page so you can keep your Year Book up to date. We have received some new names (alas, without addresses) but hope to get them all in time for the next issue—right, reporters? 

Jan. 11, Rev. VanBaren conducted an evening service for Hull while Rev. Heys filled a classical appointment in Pella. Little Pella (8 souls!) is of little strength, but that was also the description of the church at Philadelphia as recorded in the Book of Revelation, whereof it was said, “I know thy works and have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it.” May Pella also experience that the reward for keeping the word of His patience is that our King will keep us in the hour of temptation which shall come upon all the world. 

Hull, among others, has monthly collections for the Reformed Witness Hour, helping First Church in her effort to broadcast the truth of Sovereign Grace over the airwaves. 

Kalamazoo has added two members, who have made confession of their faith, which is scheduled to be heard publicly January 25.

Loveland’s congregation is growing. They welcomed a new baby the day before Christmas, and the prayer expressed on the bulletin was, “May also this child grow up to be a faithful child of, and in God’s covenant with us.” 

Rev. Harbach conducts an adult Bible Class in Lynden where they study the Book of Genesis, right now the 9th chapter is under scrutiny, considering the Protestant Reformed view of the covenant. The Reverend’s notes on Genesis are being sent to eight individuals in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and North Carolina. Far-off Lynden reaching out to the Eastern States, making her presence felt! And also from Lynden we learn that they have progressed from the use of a foot organ to that of a piano for leading the congregational singing. A little thing to us, perhaps, but not to their faithful accompanist, Miss Alice VanderMeulen. From Randolph comes the happy note that Don and Jim DeVries will be discharged from the service in March. If the congregation is not always aware of the coming event, their pastor and the family are helping the boys count down the days. 

Redlands has called Rev. C. Hanko from a trio which also included Revs. G. Lubbers and H. Veldman. 

. . . . see you in church.