News From Our Churches

We have entered a pew year of church activities and our bulletins reflect that fact: no more mentions of Christmas program preparations; attention being called to new directories being printed; societies resuming their meetings, some with new programs; new faces in consistories, new officers in societies; instructions for catechism pupils; and a new year ahead for our ministers in which they are privileged to search the Scriptures for old truths that are ever new, thereby finding new inspiration for themselves and us—leading us in to green pastures of God’s Word as undershepherds feeding His flock. 

From two bulletins we glean one fact, but from opposite viewpoints: both Redlands and Southeast announce, that Rev. R. Veldman has declined the call to Redlands to steal a proverb from the Dutch: One man’s bread is another man’s dread. 

It has been a real joy for the people at First to see Rev. Ophoff in church the last few weeks, and also on New Year’s Eve when Rev. Hoeksema preached on the Proverb, “The Hope of the Righteous shall be Gladness: but the Expectation of the Wicked shall Perish.”

Randolph entertained several visitors at their Christmas program held Christmas afternoon, and the children were complimented by many of them for their splendid rendition of the familiar Christmas story in speech and song. To prepare his congregation for the approaching Christmas season the Rev. Emanuel preached a series of three sermons on “The Holy Spirit.” 

Did you wonder when you read the last issue why the Rev. C. Hanko’s name was signed to the “Meditation”? It proves that the “Meditator” was ill with the flu and was unable to meet the printer’s deadline, and Rev. Vos’ good friend, Rev. Hanko took over.

Glancing over our supply of bulletins we are reminded of the horseleach’s two daughters and the other four things that never say enough, found in Prov. Thirty: The various Kingdom causes in our churches have the same defect of bottomlessness. In the last two weeks the following causes were remembered in the offering boxes: Pine Rest, Holland Home, Bethesda, Gideons, Adams School, Hope School, Elim School for Handicapped, Chr. Foundation for the Handicapped, Prot. Reformed Education Comm., Standard Bearer, Beacon Lights, and the Reformed Witness Hour.

Besides the above, the Western bulletins reveal that all their churches have helped Loveland in the expense of moving their new pastor; Lynden in their parsonage debt, and Edgerton in the purchase of lots for new church and parsonage. Are these not all evidences of the answer given to the sixty-fourth question of the Catechism, “for it is impossible that those, who are implanted into Christ by a true faith, should not bring forth fruits of thankfulness”? 

From Redlands ye learn that our Missionary Rev. Lubbers, and his wife have left them to return to South Dakota to continue his labors there. While working in the Redlands area the Rev. Lubbers occupied their pulpit for three weeks, surely a timely opportunity for a “vacant” church! 


Rev. Vos lectured before a “Study Group” of engineers from Lears Inc., Christians under varied denominational banners? His topic was, “What Happens to the Soul at the Moment of Death?” That question had been under debate in the group for many months and our Rev. Vos was called in to answer it—so well that he was invited to come back Jan. 27 to speak on a subject of his own choosing!

Mr. Peter Kooistra, of First Church, celebrated the 94th anniversary of his birth Christmas Day? Is he the oldest member of our denomination? 

South Holland and Oak Lawn are determined to have their own school by September? 

. . . . . see you in church