The Eastern League of Men’s Societies met Nov. 13 at Southwest Church. This was a Silver Anniversary since it was twenty-five years ago that they held their first meeting. Rev. Vos presided and introduced Rev. H. Hanko as the speaker of the evening. The speaker’s topic was, “The Relation Between God’s Sovereignty And Man’s Responsibility (Accountability).” The speaker pointed out that there is no conflict between the two, for man’s accountability is, that of a creature to his creator; that while God is sovereignly free, man is only creaturely free, always dependent upon the good pleasure of his Sovereign God. The ninety-eight men present enjoyed this reiteration of basic truth so often denied and universally misunderstood. 

Redlands has made a trio from which they will choose one whom they will call to labor in their congregation. It consists of the Revs. C. Hanko, G. Lubbers and R. Veldman. Due to physical disability the Rev. Kuiper was not able to give his farewell sermon until the 16th—the date originally planned for his installation at Loveland. 

The month of December will find Rev. H. Hoeksema back on the Reformed Witness Hour. He is scheduled to remain on the program until Easter Sunday. His plan is to finish the series on Hebrews that he started last year, and to begin a new series oil the Creation story in Genesis. The Rev. R. Veldman follows in April; Rev. Schipper in May; Rev. H. Hanko in June and Rev. McCol!am in July. 

The recent Deficit Drive for Adams St. School brought in over $5,000.00 in cash and pledges, with late returns still coming in. 

Rev. Ophoff is still advised not to attend public worship services and continues to listen in on them in the parsonage next door. 

First’s Ladies’ Aid Society held their annual bazaar Nov. 20 at Adams St. School. This offered opportunity to sell the articles previously made or donated, and to raise the funds to support our various charities. 

Revs. R. Veldman and H. Hanko exchanged pulpits Nov. 16. Rev. C. Hanko filled in. for Rev. McCollam in the evening because of an attack of laryngitis suffered by Holland’s pastor. 

Kalamazoo marches forward! They have decided to inaugurate, and have already begun a New Building Fund. Another step—a newly organized Young People’s Society. 

Hudsonville bid Godspeed to Lambert Schut upon his departure to France where he must complete his army service. 

In Redlands, as in some of our other “churchless” congregations, the society meetings are held in the living rooms of various homes of the members, with comestibles and potables issuing from the kitchens, we presume. 

South Holland society members have jointly agreed to buy a new tape recorder to enable the shut-ins to hear the recorded services. The young men of the church attend to the “pickup and delivery” connected with it. 

Through “exchanges” the Southwest pulpit was occupied Nov. 9 by Revs. R. Veldman and J.A. McCollam. 

The Open House held at Adams School featured a speech by the Rev. H. Hanko entitled “Christian Discipline in Home and School.” His observations were that basically discipline is instruction in the way of the Lord in respecting those in authority over us; that corporal punishment must be a reflection of God’s chastisement upon our sins. 

The Mothers’ Club of Adams St. School sponsored a Dutch Psalm Sing in First Church Nov. 16. Truly, a nostalgic reaching back into the past, but enjoyable, nevertheless. 

Rev. Heys will reciprocate the kindness of the Rev. VanBaren noted in our last column. He will conduct evening services in Doon while their pastor fills a classical appointment in Pella. 

Browsing through the bulletins we find a wealth of Scriptural material under discussion in the various societies. The following Books are under prayerful scrutiny: Genesis, Joshua, Isaiah, Mark, John, Acts, Romans, Philippians, John’s Epistle, 1st Peter and Revelation. Besides these Scripture passages, the Doctrine of the Last Things is being treated in Rev. H. Hoeksema’s adult Bible Class. Are any of you eligible men, women or young people missing the golden opportunities offered by your societies? 

Ministers and society secretaries, take note! This column cannot survive on grapevine news. To get in the news you must send it in; especially the Western activities, which do not have an open pipeline to this page. 

An excerpt from Creston’s bulletin quoting the Westminster Shorter Catechism: “Prayer is an offering up of our desires unto God, for things agreeable to His Will, in the Name of Christ, with confession of our sins, and thankful acknowledgement of His mercies.

Membership papers received recently: Creston received from Hope a mother and son; Hudsonville from Doon: parents with four children, and from Forest Grove Chr. Ref. an individual; Kalamazoo from a Grand Rapids Chr. Ref. church one individual; Southwest a family with four children from Grandville Chr. Ref. church, and a family with two children from Southeast; and Southeast an individual from Cutlerville Chr. Ref. Church. Although all the members of our South Holland church received a “Philadelphian” letter recently, we have now been informed that a Bill of Complaint (mostly against their pastor) has been filed against them by the group who left them. 

. . . . see you in church.