Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Congregation Activities

We could not help but note this spring, when our family received its yearly church directory, how much these have changed over the years. Directories still have all the important information like name, address, and phone number, but some of our churches have gone way beyond that by including, in addition to that, vital information, any cell phone numbers the family may have, fax numbers, as well as any e-mail addresses. It seems there is now no excuse for not being able to reach someone in the congregation. At least with so many choices available no one can ever say he didn’t receive your message.

The Hudsonville, MI PRC has even gone so far as to send out weekly news up-dates concerning their congregation via e-mail. This information, written by their pastor, Rev. B. Gritters, is entitled simply, News/Prayers, and provides a nice link between Sundays to a list of Hudsonville members who have access to a computer and e-mail. Besides giving up-to-date information about Hudsonville’s sick and those with special burdens, it also gives a good reminder of those we need to pray for.

The Hudsonville, MI PRC served as the host church for “Praise with the Piano,” an evening of sacred piano music, on February 17. Nineteen area musicians each performed one piece of sacred music for a fitting end to the Sabbath Day. The full auditorium certainly testified that many were interested in this type of program. Perhaps if you were there you were surprised, as I was, that some of these nineteen participants ever played the piano. We certainly appreciated their willingness to share with us the gift God has given them.

The congregation of the First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI hosted a “Request Night Program” on February 17 after their evening service. There were vocal and instrumental numbers, with participation by people of all ages, from children to the young and not-so-young adults. Members of First could even go so far as to request a special number from someone else in the congregation, or perhaps volunteer themselves.

The Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI held their annual “Church Conference” on February 22, 23 at Camp Geneva, on the east shore of Lake Michigan between Holland and Grand Haven, MI. The theme for this year’s conference was “Washing One Another’s Feet.”


School Activities


Spring is officially here (at least on the calendar), but it is not too late to include one note concerning last Christmas which just arrived in the mail in a school note from Covenant Christian School in Lynden, WA. “Please pass this on to your students. Thank you for the excellent tape of Christmas music you put together for me to play on the radio! It was awesome! It will be put on the radio as part of KGMI’s ‘Family Christmas Special.’ You will be on the radio from 2:30 until 3:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve and from 9:30 until 10:00 a.m. Christmas Day. The hundreds of thousands of Whatcon County listeners will be treated to music that defines the true meaning of the holiday, the birth of Jesus Christ.” Shane Kussmann, News Director, Cascade Radio Group.

The School Board of the Midwest PR High School sponsored a lecture on February 22 in the auditorium of the Hull, IA PRC. Rev. S. Key, pastor at Hull, spoke on the theme, “How Shall We Proceed?”

Supporters of Christian education in and around the Grand Rapids, MI area were invited to attend a speech given by Mr. Jon Huisken on “History, Principles, World—view: Things Parents and Teachers Ought to Know.” Mr. Huisken talked about what should be considered when carrying a Reformed viewpoint into our teaching and lives. This speech was given on February 27 at Eastside Christian School, located in the lower level of First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI.


Evangelism Activities


With advice from their Evangelism Committee, the council of the First PRC in Holland, MI approved plans to host weekly meetings at the Holland Mission for one more year. These meetings continue to be a source of encouragement for First, with some members of the mission attending worship services at First on a regular basis. The Evangelism Committee also was able to send out a special mailing to those on their mailing list. The mailing included a new pamphlet and a Standard Bearer subscription offer among otherthings.


Young People’s Activities


The theme of the 2002 PRYP Convention (August 12-16) is “Youth, Examples of Godliness.” If you need more information, please see the convention web site at


Minister Activities


At the beginning of the second semester at our seminary, Rev. K. Koole, pastor of the Faith PRC in Jenison, MI, began teaching a course two mornings a week, an introduction to each of the Old Testament books of the Bible.

The Trinity PRC in Hudson—ville, MI extended a call to Rev. C. Terpstra, presently at First PRC in Holland, MI, to serve as their first pastor. With Rev. Terpstra on that trio were the Revs. D. Kleyn and K. Koole. Rev. W. Bruinsma, pastor at the Kalamazoo, MI PRC, declined the call he had received from the Grandville, MI PRC. Grand—ville has now formed a new trio of the Revs. R. Cammenga, B. Gritters, and J. Slopsema. Rev. M. DeVries declined the call he had been considering to serve as the next pastor of the Covenant PRC in Wyckoff, NJ.