Rev. Kamps of our Doon congregation declined the call extended to him from the First Protestant Reformed Church of Holland, Michigan.

From a trio of Reverends Miersma, Kuiper, and Engelsma, Hope Protestant Reformed Church of Redlands has extended a call to Rev. Engelsma. While without a pastor of their own, Redlands has obtained the services of some of our “retired” ministers. We learn from a Redlands bulletin that Rev. Heys even had an opportunity to show his slides of New Zealand and Singapore during his stay there. 

Speaking of the travels of emeritus ministers, Rev. Lubbers, with the permission of the Pella Consistory, from which church he was emeritated, left in mid-September for Skowhegan, Maine. Rev. Lubbers plans to spend eight or nine weeks preaching for a group of about 50 souls in the Skowhegan area. 

Although the Sunday School seasons of our churches vary considerably, the following excerpt to the parents of Sunday School children of First Church could prove helpful to all who use Our Guide: “Our hope is that the Sunday School paper will provide the tool, as the Sunday School class does the incentive, for systematic study of the Scriptures with your children. The paper was designed, as is obvious from a reading of it, not simply for children, but for parents with their children. It’s designed, too, to serve as a study guide. We trust that those who intend to put some worth into the lessons will find the papers to be helpful. And we hope that you do; for, as is the case in every worthwhile venture, the benefits derived are in, direct proportion to the time and energy expended.” 

Since June 29 the First Protestant Reformed Church of Edmonton has been holding its worship services in the Mt. Zion Lutheran Church of Edmonton. It seems that the building in which they had been meeting is slated for a date with the wreckers’ ball to make room for a multiple housing unit. It is apparent that this move has not been without its challenges. Due to the services of the Lutheran congregation at 10 A.M., our group must meet at 11:15 for their morning service. What about the afternoon service? Well, that’s more complicated yet. Although there is no need to work around the Lutheran services, since they are nonexistent, their usual 3 P.M. service makes it difficult to fit lunch in between the services. The last we heard was that a 7:00 or 7:30 P.M. worship service was being considered. But that’s still not all; the construction of a two-story educational wing on the premises adds to the present chaos, so much so that the Bible study class of our congregation has been cancelled for several weeks. Hopefully all this will straighten itself out and will not discourage you from visiting our Edmonton congregation when you just happen to be passing by. To facilitate that visit we include the address of the Mt. Zion Lutheran Church: 11533 135th St. We suggest, however, that you call Rev. Moore about the exact time before you stop in. 

Living in the space age as we do, the word satellite does not make us take particular notice. However, the term satellite school just might. At a September 29 meeting our Hope School in Walker, Michigan adopted exactly that idea when they approved the following School Board proposals: “Proposal #1—The Board recommends that the society approve the purchase of approximately 17 acres of land at the northeast corner of New Holland Street and 40th Avenue at a total cost of $82,800.00. Proposal #2—The Board recommends that the society approve to proceed with plans to build a ten ,room Satellite School with all-purpose room and kitchen on the above parcel at an approximate cost of $610,000.00 including furnishings.” 

In mid-September our business manager, Mr. VanderWal, received a letter of inquiry concerning people who receive the Standard Bearer in the Plymouth, Vermont area and the Whitehall, Granville area of New York State. Their plea for information reaches even further than that, however, for they write: “If there are any other subscribers in Vermont, or even western New Hampshire, we would welcome the names and addresses of these people so that we can make contact.” Why do they want to contact these people? “We wish to share our tapes, (i.e., studies in Bible Doctrine, First Protestant Reformed Church sermons, etc.) and possibly study the Heidelberg Catechism.” If any in our reading audience fits the above specifications or knows someone who does, contact Roger and Carolyn. Steward, P.O. Box 33, Plymouth, VT 05056.