Rev. H. Kuiper has accepted the call extended to him by our newest church, Loveland. The installation service will be conducted, D.V., by the Rev. Heys, who will be on a classical assignment on that date, November l6. 

The Young People’s League held a mass meeting at Southwest church, Oct. 28. The Rev. R. Veldman gave an interesting speech on “Martin Luther, The Man.” It was well adapted to his audience of young people and was well received. After recess they enjoyed a “pro and con” speech on “Must A Christian’s Literature Be Limited?”; Ruth Dykstra presenting the “Pro” part and Agatha Lubbers the “Con.” The subject then was briefly discussed by the audience. 

The Mr. and Mrs. League met Oct. 30 at Hudsonville with Rev. B. Woudenberg presiding. The Rev. C. Hanko gave a speech on “The Signs of the Times.” The speaker warned his audience to be on the look-out for the signs as predicted by our Lord in Matthew 24and other passages. He pointed out that, although living in the time when these signs become increasingly worse for the church, the awareness of the same 

signs gives unspeakable comfort to the Christian, for he knows that he shall be redeemed from this body of death of His Coming, the Parousia! The nineteen families that comprise our Edgerton congregation are very zealous in the instruction of the covenant seed “as it is taught here, in this Christian church.” Besides carrying the usual burden on congregational expenses, they support a two room school wherein two Protestant Reformed teachers teach thirty-one Protestant Reformed children. Their school opened the doors September, 1950. The enrollment was cut in half after the split in the congregation, but has remained constant since. Mrs. Herman Veldman teaches grades one through four, and Mr. Herman Woudenberg has charge of grades five through eight. The school has a Board room which is utilized Wednesday mornings for two catechism classes conducted by Rev. Veldman. It also serves for meeting places for men’s and ladies’ societies. Edgerton was without their minister for three Sundays in October when he served Loveland on Classical appointments. 

It seems that the choral society reported in Doon and the choral society in Hull are one and the same! The new furnaces in Doon were installed none too soon; it was cold enough to enjoy their heat the first Sunday. 

Although the Nov. 2nd bulletin of First Church mentioned that Rev. Ophoff was expected to be in church that day, he did not live up to the expectations. He suffered a slight set back which prohibited his attendance, but he was able to tune in on the public worship service by special wire connected to Rev. Hoeksema’s parsonage. First’s deacons report that the twenty-two parcels sent to Hungary were received in good condition, and the Rev. Dobos expressed hearty thanks for the much needed clothing found therein. 

What Radio station in the Virgin Islands carried a sermon last Sunday proclaiming that God does not will that everyone shall be saved, but that He calls His own from all nations? Station W.I.V.I. for it carries the Reformed Witness Hour every Sunday morning at 9:30. 

Our Home Missionary, Rev. Lubbers spent a little time in his home city lately. He appeared at the. Hudsonville Ladies’ Aid Society to show his pictures of Loveland, Forbes and Isabel, and did the same on the after recess program of the above mentioned Mr. and Mrs. League meeting. He also preached in Creston Nov. 2nd. 

Rev. Heys had so arranged for his absence from his pulpit while in Loveland that evening services were held instead of afternoons. In that way his pulpit was occupied by Rev. VanBaren and Rev. Veldman. Through such splendid cooperation the Hull congregation was fed by the lively preaching of the Word in the absence of their own pastor. 

Another report of growth! Hudsonville has decided to increase the size of their consistory by one elder and two deacons. They will elect two new elders and four deacons. 

Rev. Vos was on the sick list Oct. 26, and Rev. Hanko was called in to conduct the morning service; Elder Zwak had charge of the reading service in the evening. The reverend was back on the podium Nov. 2nd. 

The men in Kalamazoo have organized a men’s society now that they have a pastor to lead them. They have chosen the prophecy of Isaiah for discussion this season. That Old Testament “Gospel” is full of rich material for society discussion. Congratulations, Kalamazoo! 

We note that Oak Lawn and First churches have both. been instructed from the history of the prophet Elijah, Rev. Hanko and Rev. VandenBerg both having preached a series on that wonderful man of God of the time of the shadows. 

The joint School Society of Oak Lawn and South Holland is going forward in faith, planning on building a school as soon as it is possible. 

. . . . see you in church.