News From Our Churches

Our missionary in Birmingham, Alabama, Rev. R. Van Overloop, declined the call extended him from Redlands, California. 

At this writing, numerous Reformation lectures are planned by our churches around the country: Rev. Engelsma of South Holland, Illinois plans to speak in Kalamazoo, Michigan on the topic, “Christian Piety and the Reformation.” “Upholding the Truth,” is the topic of a lecture to be given in South Holland by Rev. Bekkering of Houston, Texas. Hope College Chapel in Holland, Michigan is the site of a lecture entitled “Reformation—A Declaration of Freedom” to be given by Rev. R. Miersma of our Holland Church. And Rev. Houck of our Lansing Mission will speak on “Historic Calvinism” in Wyckoff, New Jersey. 

At the annual R.F.P.A. (Reformed Free Publishing Association) meeting in September, John N. Dykstra, Cornelius Pastoor, and Robert Garvelink were elected to the R.F.P.A. Board for three-year terms. Rev. Bruinsma of our Faith congregation in Jenison, Michigan spoke on the theme, “The Role of the Standard Bearer in Church Extension.” In the course of his speech Rev. Bruinsma mentioned that theStandard Bearer has served to place us in contact with many individuals as well as some churches, and also that it has been used as a follow-up to initial contacts. If I may digress just a little: that’s something our readership could well keep in mind! It doesn’t have to be quite as spectacular as sending a gift subscription from Singapore to Scotland as mentioned in our last column. In your case it could be a 10-for-2 subscription sent to someone across town or your neighbor across the street.

Speaking of promoting the Standard Bearer, the following announcement from a Hull, Iowa bulletin shows one way they do it: “‘Christ on Trial,’ ‘Synod of the Protestant Reformed Churches 1981,’ ‘Letters to Timothy,’ ‘The Spirit of our Age,’ ‘Yielding Ourselves Up to Jesus Christ,’ these are just some of the articles in the August issue of the Standard Bearer. Have you read them?” 

A dual celebration took place in our Hudsonville, Michigan Church on October 30, as is evident from this Hudsonville bulletin announcement: “This is a reminder of the important event of the celebration of the anniversary of our pastor’s 25 years of faithful ministry as well as the celebration of Rev. and Mrs. Van Baren’s 25th wedding anniversary.” 

Some of our readers with good memories will remember the “Did you know” method used on occasion in this column by Mr. “See you in Church” Faber. If he doesn’t mind, I’d like to borrow that method from time to time, starting right now: Did you know….. 

—That our Wyckoff, New Jersey church has been receiving building fund gifts all the way from Australia?

—That Rev. Heys was laid up for several weeks due to severe back pain? 

—That our Kalamazoo church sponsors a Question Hour radio broadcast?

—That the last debt of the Randolph church building has been paid?

—That members of our Kalamazoo congregation take turns cleaning the church? 

—That October 12 marked the 40th anniversary of the ministry of God’s Word for Rev. Heys? 

—That Rev. Veldman recently baptized his great-grandchild in our Southwest Church? 

—That as of January 11, 1981, Rev. Kamps was still missing the navy blue dress hat that disappeared at a singspiration in Edgerton, Minnesota? 

We close with a quote from a Holland, Michigan bulletin: “If a church wants a better pastor, it can begin by praying for the one it has.”