June 20, 1959

Rev. H. Veldman accepted the call to serve the church in Redlands, Calif. He expects to preach his farewell sermon in Edgerton on August 2nd, D.V. The parting between the congregation and her pastor and his wife will not be pleasant for they have filled a large place in the congregation: the minister in all his labors, and Mrs. Veldman as minister’s wife and as a teacher in Edgerton’s own Christian School. The Reverend writes that he leaves Edgerton with a heavy heart, but is convinced that duty calls him to his new charge. 

Edgerton has now extended a call to Rev. M. Schipper from Southwest Church in Grand Rapids, from a trio which also included the Revs. H. Hanko and R. Veldman. 

Because of the resignation of Rev. E. Emanuel, Randolph has also been added to the vacant churches of our denomination. To fill this vacancy the Rev. J.A. McCollam has been chosen from a trio which also included the Revs. C. Hanko and H. Hanko. 

Rev. H.C. Hoeksema has accepted the, call to be a Professor in our Seminary, filling the vacancy left through the emeritation of Prof. G.M. Ophoff. South Holland will call a minister from a trio consisting of Revs. H. Hanko, J. Heys and G. Vanden Berg. 

Rev. C. Hanko is grateful for his recovery from his recent surgery, but no less for the experience of the love of God in His abundant goodness and nearness, but also in the experience of the communion of saints through the church. The Rev. has not yet taken up his labors in the congregation but is looking forward to that time when he may again be privileged to do so. 

Due to the illness of his colleague, Rev. H. Hoeksema has not “vacationed” as usual this summer; indeed, he sometimes preached twice a Sunday! 

Are you attending the Hymn Sings sponsored by our young people? If you failed to attend the one of June 21 at Hudsonville you missed the best one of the season.

Holland’s bulletin, like so many in our churches, is prepared by the pastor. The bulletin distributed July 12 included the program for Divine worship for the 19th and 26th as well, when the pastor and his family would be vacationing in Maryland. 

The Protestant Reformed Male Chorus again was privileged to extol the praises of God with uplifted voices on the evening of. July 2. The Chorus gave their program at the Chr. Ref. Conference Grounds, on Lake Michigan. Due to the nearness of the July holiday the audience was small, but the quality of the music was not diminished; if possible, it was better than ever before. 

The Ladies’ Aid picnic of Holland was the occasion for the presentation of a gift to the pastor and his wife which was described by the recipients as “very lovely and useful.” 

Johnson Park, situated on the Grand River, was the scene of Hope’s Sunday School picnic scheduled for July 22; and was also that of their Ladies’ Aid picnic held June 26. 

Hudsonville goes forward. The congregation adopted the proposals of the consistory which included a new organ, a new furnace for the basement rooms, and remodeling both floors to obtain more usable space. During the remodeling the Sunday School classes meet in the auditorium for devotions, after which some of them meet in the parsonage for class instruction. 

Bulletin Quote: “Our conversation must be such that we may evidence the communion we have . . . . with God in Christ at the Lord’s Table. It is not enough to say that we have fellowship. with Him: the vilest hypocrites pretend to have that honor; but by walking in darkness they disprove their pretensions and give themselves the lie. We must therefore show that we have fellowship with Him by walking in the Light.—M. Henry. 

Oak Lawn’s congregational picnic was held July 4th at the Elim School picnic grounds. The day included the usual group games, and also gave opportunity to the Ladies’ Aid to sell their products. Canteen service was provided by the Elim School. The South Hollanders were also invited. 

The Young People of the G.R. area have scheduled their annual outing for July 25th. The place: Silver Lake, near Hart. They shall travel to and fro by chartered bus. 

The members of Southeast Church have received small banks which they are expected to fill with daily contributions. When emptied the monies will go into their New Organ Fund. 

Proverb of the month: “Who can say, I have made my heart clean, I am pure from my sin?” Prov. 20:9

. . . . see you in church.