August 20, 1959

Rev. M. Schipper, of Southwest Church, has declined the call from. Edgerton, and Rev. H. Hanko, of Hope Church, has declined the call from South Holland. Holland’s new trio is Revs. G, Lanting, G. VandenBerg, and B. Woudenberg. Edgerton has named the following trio: Revs. H. Hanko, J. Heys, and G. VandenBerg.

Rev. J.M. Mc Collam has severed his connection with Holland’s Consistory, as he is no longer a minister in the Prot. Ref. Churches, inasmuch as he has resigned his pastorate in Holland and has accepted a call in one of the United Presbyterian Churches. (cf. II Peter 2:22.) 

The Radio Committee of First Church has come to the conclusion that they definitely need a Prot. Ref. Radio Choir to furnish the musical portions of the Reformed Witness Hour. The Committee reasons that the Radio Program is becoming increasingly more and more a denominational project, because the Synodical Mission Committee is using its facilities—and is planning on adding more stations—; because some of our churches are desirous of sponsoring one or more stations; because various ministers of the denomination are called upon to preach on the air; and, musical talent is already recruited from other than First Church members. The Committee is confident that when this need is known among the churches the response will be such that a Radio Choir will be organized in the near future. They ask us to await further developments regarding such proposed organization. 

By this time the Young People’s Convention is past. Be sure to read the Beacon Lights Convention number: Show your young people that you are interested in their activities. 

Many of our ministers did not have a summer vacation in the accepted sense of the word. They merely exchanged pulpits, in two- or three-way trades; in that way their congregations might enjoy the lively preaching of the Word instead of its inferior counterpart, Reading Services. 

Be sure to attend First Church the evening of September fourth! Rev. H.C. Hoeksema will then be installed in the office of Professor of Theology at 8 p.m., D.V. This will be a “first” in the history of our denomination. Let’s make it necessary to open the balconies to seat the audience! Rev. G. Vos, of Hudsonville, will read the installation Form, and Rev. H. Hoeksema will preach the sermon. 

The Steering Committee for Prot. Ref. Secondary Education sent out their first news letter July 26th. A quote from this letter: “A great amount of work and planning has yet to be done. Only through our collective efforts, and constant prayers for’ God’s guidance and blessing will the ultimate goal be reached.” 

Holland’s “many hands” made light work of the cleaning and painting of their place of worship. 

An example of a demonstration of, that new term, “togetherness.” is revealed in Hudsonville’s’ bulletin. The teacher of the first grade in Sunday School has her husband print the memory verse in the bulletin, thereby enlisting the help of the parents in teaching the little ones the verse of the week. The teacher is Mrs. G. Vos. 

We gather from Lynden’s bulletin, from the order of worship at the celebration of the Lord’s Supper, that the minister breaks the bread and pours the wine in the sight of the congregation, thereby completing the symbolism of the broken body and poured out blood of our Savior. We wonder why this practice has not found universal acceptance in our whole denomination. 

Because Rev. H. Hanko filled a Classical appointment in Randolph July 26th, Hope had the unique experience of attending an afternoon service that day. This gave Rev. Schipper opportunity to occupy their pulpit without sacrificing his own in the evening. 

Although the Young People’s Societies in the Grand Rapids area recess for the summer, those of South Holland and Oak Lawn meet every Sunday evening. Grace Ipema, of Oak Lawn, was scheduled to give an essay Aug. 16th on “Temperate Use of Alcoholic Beverages.” 

The South Holland-Oak Lawn Church Extension Committee recently issued a two page report of their activities. Among other things, they distributed two thousand copies of, “The Unbreakable Bond of Marriage” by Rev. H. Hoeksema; and are regularly mailing out fifty copies of The Standard Bearer, The Committee asks “for your continued prayers and support of this work that the testimony of the truth may be extended far and wide.” They conclude their news letter, “by expressing a word of appreciation to all who have helped our committee and co-operated with us in making this program possible . . .” 

Did you know . . . that all of our consistories have mailed a Synodically written letter to those who have left us in the ’53 schism; that this letter, in part, tells of our sorrow of s heart that they were deceived by their leaders and have departed from the truth which they had loved, confessed, and adhered to for many years; that it gives a six-part evidence to support that charge; and, that a partial quotation reads like this: “When we see all these things . . . we cry, Lord have mercy on our beloved brethren and sisters!’ Believe us, we fervently wish for your return, for your repentance and confession before God, for again clasping the hand of brotherhood . . . Dear ones in the Lord . . . come back to us. We will gladly accept you as from the Lord Himself, so that we once more may continue our walk together to heaven . . .” 

. . . . see you in church.