News From Our Churches

Creston’s Men and Ladies’ society was guest at the Young People’s Society Meeting of Feb. 24. The after recess program consisted of pictures of Miss Borduin’s world travels; the twice postponed toboggan party With Kalamazoo was finally held Feb. 17 at Echo Valley in Kalamazoo; and, Cornelius Lubbers, son of our Missionary will be inducted into the Army March 5 for a six month duration. 

Rev. H. Veldman has requested the following to be his contribution from Edgerton: The church of Rev. P. DeBoer has requested admittance into the Christian Reformed Church. The Minnesota Classis, convening Feb: 25 appointed a committee to confer with DeBoer and his consistory. 

Edgerton rejoices in the ownership of a two-manual reed organ donated by a local piano company, while Oak Lawn still struggles with the raising of necessary funds to purchase an instrument for their services; and, despite the reputation of the Northwest for having Severe blizzards, Edgerton has not cancelled a single catechism class due to winter weather. 

Seven young people of First Church made confession of faith before the consistory Feb. 23; further, the consistory has decided td resume the former practice of taking collections without congregational singing. The purpose being to recognize the sanctity of both offertory and, congregational singing. 

The Smorgasbord put on by the Mothers’ Club of Adams School is history arid will live long in the memory pf the diners. The Mr. and Mrs. Society of South East Church used that opportunity to sell household necessities in one of the other rooms, the proceeds going into their Organ Fund. 

The Young People’s Society of Holland scheduled Glen Windemuller on the after recess program with an essay on “Religious Beliefs of Youth.” 

From Hope’s bulletin we learn that service man Dale Mensch has returned to the States and is hospitalized at Great Lakes where he must remain for some time.

Hull’s Young People’s Society was host to a combined meeting with that of Doon and of Edgerton. That meeting represented a lot of mileage—even across State lines! The communions of saints on the young people’s level also surmounts those (to us, Easterners) huge distances. Hull’s new clerk is J. Hoekstra, Boyden, Iowa; and the Treasurer is H. Hoksbergen, Hull, Iowa. 

We note that this winter has produced quite a crop of broken bones; arms, legs and hips. First’s bulletin, for instance, welcoming back a member who has not been in church for months due to a broken hip, while another member is hospitalized for the same malady. Truly calling for an echo of Ps. 39:4 when David prays, “Lord, make me to, know mine end; and the measure of my days, what it is; that I may know how frail I am.”


When the minister in the Communion service, says, “The bread which we bless,” or “The cup of blessing which we bless,” he means, “which we praise”; and, when he holds his hand above the bread, or the wine; he thereby merely indicates the object of praise, and does not pronounce a blessing upon it like a Romish priest does upon the first spadeful of dirt at a dedication ceremony; and, therefore it might be preferable that her would hold his hand, palm up, so as not to give children a wrong impression? 

Rev. Harbach of Lynden, spoke in the Christian High Library for the Mothers’ Club, Feb. 20. His topic: “Understanding And Teaching The Five Points of Calvinism To Our Children”; further, Lynden will hold the annual Prayer Day service a week early because the pastor has a classical appointment at Redlands, March 8 and 15; and, despite the pleas to the contrary, the radio station that carries our program out there has transferred all week-day religious broadcasts to a Sunday spot. 

In Oak Lawn’s bulletin, the Church Extension Committee reports, via News Letter, that they send out 75 copies of The Standard Bearer on a six month trial basis; having covered the DeMott, Ind. area, they now are reaching people in Highland; Ind., and Western Springs, Ill: They have also sent out 2,000 copies of “The Unbreakable Bond Of Marriage,” by Rev. H.H., besides their other activities. The purpose of the committee is, “to disseminate the Protestant Reformed Literature, which we believe to be the Word of God, and our mandate in the world.” 

Loveland has welcomed into their communion a family with two baptized children, coming to them from the First Presbyterian Church in Hastings, Nebraska; and, an announcement was made that a meeting has been called for March 23 for all those interested in a Christian day school of our own! A three week advance notice of that meeting was given in order that they might have ample time to provoke (Rom. 11:14) one another towards that worthy goal. 

Rev. Emanuel quotes Rev. Hoeksema (speaking at aStandard Bearer Annual meeting) in his Feb. 21st bulletin under “Worth Thinking About” as follows: “Allour people ought to be readers of The Standard Bearer, . . . . All of our people should be readers, you must not put the magazine on the shelf . . . neither must you select certain articles that perhaps strike your fancy. You must be readers of the wholeStandard Bearer.”

Grand Rapids area folks are looking forward to March 19 and April 5 when Easter programs will be rendered by Adams school, and Hope Choral Society, respectively. 

. . . . See you in church.