Loveland has extended a call to Rev. H. Kuiper of Redlands to be their pastor. May the Lord of His Church give Loveland the man of His choice in His time. 

In most of our churches the nominations for office bearers have been announced. Let us realize our calling to function in the Office of Believers in the church by casting our ballots when called upon to give our approbation to these nominations. 

It has been reported that Rev. Ophoff’s doctor is amazed at the progress made by the Reverend. He predicts that his patient may again work for the denomination in the not too distant future. 

The Second Annual Deacons’ Conference was held in Creston Church this week. Twenty-four men were present, including five local ministers. All but one of the area churches were represented. Rev. C. Hanko presided, and Rev. B. Woudenberg was the speaker. His topic was, “Shall we support such institutions as the Bethany Home?” The consensus of opinion was that, although we can not subscribe to all of their policies, we can make use of their facilities, and therefore ought to support them. The meeting was so well received that it was decided to meet twice a year, and Hope will be the host in the Spring meeting. 

The Hope P.T.A. held their annual meeting Oct. 10. Rev. Vos was the speaker, admonishing the parents to “teach them diligently to thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thy house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up . . .” It is reported that the parents went home with a thought provoking message. 

Good news from Grand Haven! The congregation is growing from within and has now reached the point where they could organize a Sunday School Society. Their first Sunday School session was held with seventeen children enrolled, divided into three classes. Congratulations, Grand Haven! 

The men and women of Grand Haven combined their societies into an Adult Bible Society. They have chosen the Book of Acts as the text for study this year. 

Doon is installing two gas furnaces in the church, one for each floor. Bottled gas will be utilized until the promised natural gas is available. 

Some of our churches that have no Sunday School nevertheless provide “Our Guide” for the children of the congregation. Does your consistory provide the Sunday School paper for your children? 

From the golden west (Redlands) we learn that Homer Teitsma, a serviceman from Southeast, Grand Rapids, attended their divine services. Homer is stationed in San Diego. How wonderful to be so far from home, but still able to worship in one of our own churches! 

DO YOU KNOW . . . 

that, Rev. Herman Hanko teaches Church History in our Seminary? 

that, Rev. C. Hanko regularly attends Rev. Hoeksema’s Dogmatics class in seminary, helping with, and learning from the discussion?

that, a young couple from one of our Mr. and Mrs. Societies gradually realized that they were not prepared for the society Bible discussion? Reason: too many regular T.V. programs to be watched. Result: they sold their T.V. set at a financial loss and at a spiritual gain? 

that, all of the church bulletins we receive give progress reports in the illness of our beloved G.M.O.? that, each family is assessed for the printing of the Acts’ of Synod, and that for a dollar more you can own your own?

that, the men of Southwest church take turns doing the janitor work, which should squelch the saying that a janitor cannot please everyone—who would dare complain?

that, the secretaries of our Men’s and Ladies’ Societies must keep reminding church members to join them?

The Southwest Mr. and Mrs. Society has reached a decision to meet every week instead of alternate weeks. That’s a good sign! 

From Southeast we learn that the Young People’s Society meets Sunday afternoons. Rev. Veldman has again started a catechism class for those who wish to prepare for confession of faith. 

Our total church membership remains quite constant. There is the usual moving about, and, Hope seems to have been greatest gainer. Doon lost a family to Hudsonville, Southeast transferred a family to First, a family and an individual to Hope. Besides, Hope received a mother and five children from Holland, an individual from a Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, and an individual from the Rock Valley Neth. Ref. Church in Iowa. 

Hull is having a little trouble at present due to losing a meeting place for the catechism classes. They will hold classes temporarily in the basement of the parsonage until a suitable place can be found. Meetings had been conducted in the Town Hall, which is being torn down in the name of progress. 

An excerpt from Oaklawn’s bulletin: “Men, your duty is also your God-given privilege to meet with us Monday evenings. We not only have a responsibility to God, but we owe it to one another to busy ourselves in these things of God’s kingdom for mutual edification.” Apply that to your own societies, substituting the proper names in their places, and we can all heed this admonition of Rev. Vanden Berg. 

. . . . see you in church.