The RFPA (Standard Bearer) met in annual session Sept. 25 at First church. The brethren R. Bloem, D. Engelsma and C. Kregel were elected to serve on the board. The high light of the evening was a speech by the Rev. H.C. Hoeksema. The Reverend challenged the members and the board to renewed zeal for their mission—the witness of The Standard Bearer in the church world. The constructive criticism offered by the speaker will serve as an excellent guide to the board in the coming year. 

Sunday, Sept. 28, the young people in the Grand Rapids area, under the sponsorship of the Beacon Lights‘ staff, held the first hymn sing of the season. Ed Ophoff led a capacity crowd in spirited singing. A tenor solo and a musical number added variety to the program. 

An Officebearer’s Conference was enjoyed by about thirty men in First Church, Sept. 30. The Rev. B. Woudenberg introduced the subject, “The Calling And Duty Of Officebearers In Sick Visitation.” The Reverend then led the men in a lively discussion of the various aspects of this manifestation of the communion of saints. Meetings of this nature surely are beneficial to the elders and deacons in attendance, and therefore to the whole church. 

The Deacons’ Conference scheduled for Oct. 2 was postponed until the 16th of this month. 

South Holland presents us with some real news. Their church is becoming too small for their congregation, and they have unanimously decided to purchase two acres from their School Society for a future site for a church and parsonage. The land in question adjoins their present property to the south, and seems be the only land available in that locale. When this deal is completed with the School Society they will have a good start towards a new church building. This activity in South Holland reveals the zeal with which they are endued and the confidence they have in the future. 

From far off Lynden we learn that the adults in the congregation meet in Bible Class Wednesday evenings, and are currently studying the third chapter of the book of Genesis. The Rev. Harbach was absent from his pulpit three weeks in September. Classical appointments called him to Loveland and Pella. The Reverend writes that the members of our newest congregation consist of real Reformed brethren and sisters in the Lord. Their famed German hospitality was displayed in family gatherings, mountain trips, visits in the alfalfa fields, farmyard baseball, and fine German food. These classical appointments coincided, with the meeting of Classis West held in Oak Lawn. 

Kalamazoo’s societies and Sunday School have opened for, a new season, some of the meetings being held in the parsonage at 1226 Pinehurst.

Southeast (formerly Fourth) has two servicemen, Homer Teitsma and John Hendricks. The young men in the church take turns writing the boys each week. Already $10,380.00 was pledged towards their building fund and the committee will soon have detailed plans for immediate building. 

In Holland an inspirational meeting was held for all the members of the various societies in the church. Rev. G. Vos spoke to them on the subject, “The Benefits Of Society Life.” A meeting of this type is certainly a good send-off to a fruitful society season. 

Edgerton has also purchased lots for a future church building and parsonage. The spirit of this congregation is excellent, and they live in the conviction that the Lord has called them as a Protestant Reformed Church to uphold the banner of His sovereign grace and love. 

Randolph’s church activities are in full swing. Rev. Emanuel is conducting a pre-confession class with eight members.

Doon has again organized a choral society which meets every Thursday. With Sunday evenings for society and another evening for catechism the young people are kept busy three nights a week. 

Hull also has a choral society and is preparing a Christmas program. The Rev. Heys addressed a meeting of the Society for Prot. Ref. Action held in Doon, Sept. 26 His topic was, “The Christian And His Conscience.” At this meeting the following were elected to the board, Rev. VanBaren, J. Blankenspoor, G. Gunnink and B. Bleyenberg. 

Oak Lawn’s societies and catechism have started, and Rev. VandenBerg has instituted a pre-school catechism class which meets on Sundays. 

Hudsonville’s bulletin reveals that Rev. Vos alternates his catechism sermons morning and evening. The alternate sermons are currently occupied with the Psalms. 

Creston’s children are busy on a paper drive for Hope school. Besides his regular duties, the Rev. Woudenberg teaches in our seminary, and is one of the editors of The Standard Bearer

Loveland has nominated a trio from which they will elect a minister whom they will call to labor in their midst. The trio consists of Rev. E. Emanuel, J. Heys and H. Kuiper. The congregational meeting has been called far Oct. 13. 

And now the news for which you have been looking: Rev. Ophoff is still showing continual improvement, and at this date (Oct. 4) it gives promise to an early discharge from the hospital. Rev. and Mrs. Ophoff have moved to a new address, 1126 Eastern Ave., S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

. . . . see you in church.