Rev. H. Hanko has declined the call to the church from Edgerton. 

Rev. C. Hanko has declined the call from South Holland, but is still considering one from Randolph. 

Edgerton has made the following trio: Revs. J. A. Heys, G. VanBaren and G. Vanden Berg. 

New Addresses: Prof. H. C. Hoeksema, 1218 Griggs St., S. E., Grand Rapids 7, Mich. Rev. H. Veldman, 817 Webster, Redlands, Calif. 

We have attained a new goal! A Prot. Ref. High School Society has been organized! The evening of Sept. 15 saw a crowd of about 160 men and women gathered in Southwest Church, called together by a Steering Committee who had made all the arrangements for this memorable occasion. Sept. 15, 1959; is a date that will be celebrated by our children’s children! Mr. James Swart, chairman of the Steering Committee, called the meeting to order, opened with prayer, and introduced Rev. C. Hanko as the speaker for the evening. Rev. Hanko gave an inspirational talk on “Making Plans — Proceeding to Attain Our Own High School.” The speaker convinced us that it was necessary; he showed us that it was possible ; and disclosed the procedure — past, present and future. The speech was truly an “inspirational” one as witnessed by the response when membership cards were collected. That evening 94 charter members were signed up, with promise of additional signatures from others who were absent. The Steering Committee was authorized to appoint a “Constitution Committee” to draw up a proposed constitution, and also a nomination for Board members, to be presented at a forthcoming society meeting to be held as soon as possible. As the speaker pointed out, the success of Hope and Adams schools —beyond the expectations of their charter members — is a sure pledge that, D.V., our own high school will also be a reality in the not too distant future. ” 

Add to” the list of societies who do not recess for the summer: Hull’s Young People’s Society. 

Quote from Doon’s (Rev. Van Baren) bulletin: “This week the society season starts again. If it is possible for us to attend, and yet we hesitate, let us consider questions such as the following: Have we an hour and a half to spare out of the 168 hours God gives us in a week? Do we truly enjoy the fellowship of the saints as it finds expression in this way? Can we yet learn from God’s Word? Can we really afford not to make use of this opportunity?” 

Rev. G. Van Baren gave the address at the Opening Exercises of the Doon Christian School Tuesday, Sept. 1 The Young People of Hull’s congregation gave a farewell party for Henry Hoksbergen who was to leave for training in the National Guard, September 13. After an afternoon of swimming the young folks enjoyed a supper in the park at Rock Rapids. 

Sept. 15 was the date for the Annual Meeting of the Prot. Ref. Action Society. Rev: G. Vanden Berg of Oak Lawn, was scheduled to speak on “The Infallibility of the Scriptures.” 

From Oak Lawn’s bulletin we perceive that they are rescheduling a society meeting from Wednesday to Thursday so that Rev. Vanden Berg may be able to teach a catechism class in South Holland on Wednesday evening until they receive a minister of their own. 

Thirtieth wedding anniversaries were celebrated by two of our ministers recently: Rev. and Mrs. R. Feldman were surprised by their congregation Sept. 16 in First Church parlors, and Rev. and Mrs. C. Hanko held Open House Sept. 19. The occasion was also a celebration of the 30th anniversary of their entrance into the ministry for both the pastors. Somber note: From their graduation class of six they are the two remaining true to the teaching received in our seminary. 

The Sunday School Teachers’ Fall Inspirational meeting was held Sept. 18 at Creston Church. Our Missionary, Rev. G. Lubbers, gave the inspirational message, telling of the origin and further development of the Sunday School movement, including the modern version of it. The speaker also gave the teachers some observations and suggested improvements which might serve to enhance our Sunday Schools. Mr. M. Koerner, president of the Association, led the teachers in the study of the season’s first lesson—the thrilling story of the burning, fiery furnace of Nebuchadnezzar. Sunday School teachers: we bid you, suffer little children to come unto HIM. 

Family visitation is being conducted in all our churches at this time. In regard to this work Hope’s bulletin admonishes, “As this work of the consistory begins, welcome these servants of God into your homes because they come in the name of Christ.” 

The Year Book of our churches, containing the Acts of Synod and all the statistics of our denomination, is on sale. Order your. copy from your consistory. For only one dollar you, too, can have all this information at your fingertips. 

Text for this issue: “. . . turn thou me and I shall be turned, for thou art the Lord my God. Surely after I was turned, I repented . . .” Jer. 31:18-19

. . . . see you in church,