News From Our Churches

Rev. B. Woudenberg declined the call from Holland, and Rev. C. Hanko declined the call from Randolph. 

Holland has made a new trio which consists of the following: Revs. G. Lanting, G. Lubberss, and G. Vanden Berg. 

Edgerton has extended a call to Rev. G. Vanden Berg, of Oak Lawn.

Rev. H. Hoeksema will give a lecture in Holland the evening of Oct. 29, D.V., on the topic, “The Infallibility of the Scriptures.” The meeting will be in the Ladies’ Literary Club Building located at the corner of 10th St. and Central Ave. at 8 p.m. Our Holland congregation is expecting you to attend, and asks you to tell others of this opportunity to hear a masterly discourse on this very important subject that is again being questioned in the church world. 

The 1959 Young People’s Convention has become history and the new host society for 1960 has already become active. The Senior Young People’s Society of First Church in Grand Rapids has set the dates for Aug. 16, 17 and 18 and committees necessary for a good convention have been appointed. 

The Annual meeting of the Reformed Free Publishing Association (Standard Bearer) was held Thursday evening, Sept. 24, at Hope Church. Rev. B. Woudenberg spoke to a large audience on, “The Standard Bearer’s Witness,” a topic to capture the attention because of the nature of the gathering. The treasurer’s report showed a comfortable balance, due largely to the receipt of delinquent subscriptions of about $1100.00. 

The Prot. Ref. Action Society met in annual meeting at Edgerton, Sept. 15. Classis West delegates, friends and members of the society enjoyed a lecture by Rev. G. Vanden Berg, from Oak Lawn, on the timely topic, “The Absolute Infallibility of Holy Scripture.” The speaker’s subtitle was the most positive, “The Complete Word of God.” Election of Board members resulted in the appointment of Tony Jansma, James Blankespoor E. Van Egdom and Paul Buys. 

Miss Winnifred Koole, of the Adams St School staff, gave a paper on and a demonstration of “Teaching Spelling” at the Oct. 1st meeting of the Adams St. Mothers’ Club. This meeting also featured a baked goods sale; the proceeds thereof swelling some of the school fund. 

Rev. H. Hoeksema is again planning to teach an adult Bible class beginning Oct. 7th. The class is to resume the Study of “The Doctrine of the Last Things,” begun last season. 

Holland’s Men’s Society sponsored an Inspirational Meeting for all the societies of the church Oct. 5. They invited Rev. H. Hanko of Hope Church, to give the inspirational address. Rev. G. Lanting, of Grand Haven, conducts a Wednesday evening catechism class for young people, 15 years old and over. He invites all adults interested in the course to meet with them in the study of the “Essentials of Reformed Doctrine? 

Bulletin quote on the subject of silent prayer before the service: “This is the way every church service should begin, both morning and afternoon. Therefore that time before the minister makes his appearance and enters the pulpit should not be spent in chatting, much less in levity, but in prayer, in prayer for the minister, for the sermon, and for the congregation, that the Lord’s blessing be on all the aspects of our worship. Let us make this time as much a devotion as any other part of our worship.” Change, if you will, the word “afternoon” to “evening” and the observation may be heeded in all churches. 

Our own school at Edgerton is happy to announce it has filled the vacancy left by Mrs. H. Veldman, by the appointment of Mr. Dale Kuiper of Redlands. From Redland’s bulletin we learn that a hard working Building Committee, with the help of volunteers, is busy remodeling the parsonage. 

The Rev. H. C. Hoeksema family, by means of an open letter in the bulletin, thanked the congregation of South Holland for all the kindnesses and friendship they enjoyed in their fellowship. With the gift from the congregation, received at the farewell, the Hoeksemas purchased a radio-phonograph with which to remember their friends for many years to come. 

The Office Bearers’ Conference scheduled for Oct. 6, at Hudsonville, promises a worthwhile evening for the elders and deacons that shall be in attendance. Rev. G. Lanting, of Grand Haven, will speak on the subject, “Praying For Those In Authority.” May this speech also have the result that our leaders be edified, and that the membership in general may reap benefits from this meeting. 

Text for this issue (quoted from Oak Lawn’s bulletin), “Take heed, watch and pray . . . for ye know not when the time is… and what I say unto you, I say unto all, watch . . .” Mark 13:33,37. 

See you in church . . . .