Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Evangelism Activities


On Friday evening, January 26, and again on Saturday morning, January 27, the Evangelism Committee of the First PRC in Holland, MI sponsored their Third Annual Reformed Bible Conference. This year’s conference looked at Pentecostalism and asked the question whether it is a “Spirit-Filled Blessing or a Dangerous Heresy?” Prof. D. Engelsma spoke on Friday evening under the theme, “Pentecostalism—Its Identity, History, and Influence.” He was followed the next morning by Rev. W. Bruinsma, pastor of the Kalamazoo, MI PRC, speaking on the subject, “Pentecostalism—Its View of Special Gifts,” or the subject of speaking in tongues, faith healing, prayer, and on-going revelation. This was supposed to be followed by Rev. C. Terpstra, pastor at First in Holland, speaking on the topic, “Pentecostalism: Its View of the Christian Life,” or the question of the second baptism, perfectionism, joy, etc. I say was supposed to be, because Rev. Terpstra was ill that Saturday morning and was unable to present his part of the conference. So that subject will have to wait until a later date. I will even be so bold as to add here that if you would be interested in a tape of either of the speeches that were given you can simply write First’s Evangelism Committee at 3641 104th Ave., Holland, MI 49424 and request one, they are $4.00 each.

We will also add here by way of a reminder to our readers in the west Michigan area that our Grandville, MI PRC is hosting an Elders’ Seminar this month.  Perhaps it is too late to attend the March 1 class on “The Office of Elder,” but hopefully you can make plans to attend the other three sessions. March 8 on “Qualifications of the Office”; March 15 on “Elders and the Care of the Congregation”; and March 22 on “Elders and Visiting the Sick.” The teacher for all four of these classes will be Prof. R. Decker, Professor of Practical Theology at our churches’ Theological School.

Once again this year the congregation of the Grace PRC in Standale, MI, through their pastor, Rev. M. Dick, and their Evangelism Committee, has been busy with an outreach program at Grand Valley State University, a school just to the west of Grace Church, with an enrollment in excess of 18,000 students. For ten weeks last fall and again for ten weeks this winter, they have hosted a weekly lecture/discussion known as Christianity on Campus. This outreach is centered in God’s Word and topics of special interest and importance to young people. Each week the group may vary in size from anywhere between 40 and 60 students, with some being from our area churches and some from different backgrounds and faiths. Since January, some of their meetings have dealt with subjects ranging from “John Lennon and Jesus Christ … Imagine” to “The Devil and the Sermon on the Mount.” Regrettably, since classes at GVSU will be over next month, there are only three more weeks that this class will be held. On March 21 & 28 there will be a two-part series looking at “Worship: Under the Big Top … or In Spirit and In Truth.” It will take a close look at worship in the church and what it is supposed to be. Praise bands? Puppet Shows? Preaching? How does one know what is pleasing … to God? and how does one profit personally? This will be followed on April 4 with a discussion entitled, “Of Laura, the Gays, & the Scouts: Who’s Morally Straight?” Some quote the ten commandments, some recite the Scout law, others quote their conscience. Who is right—all, some, or none? Each meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. in the Muskegon River Room in the Kirkhof Center. If you have any questions or would like more information about the class or Grace PRC, you are encouraged to give Rev. Dick a call at (616) 791-9277.


Young People’s Activities


A couple of issues back we made mention of the fact that the young people of the First PRC in Holland, MI will be hosting this year’s convention, and that the young people of the Loveland, CO PRC had agreed to host the convention in 2003. But what about next year? Well, we learned that the Federation Board of the PR Young People’s Societies has asked the Young People’s Society of the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI to host next year’s convention and they have accepted.


Mission Activities


Our missionary to Ghana, Rev. R. Moore and his wife, Janet, have both recovered from malaria and are regaining their strength. May God give healing according to His good pleasure to them and to all those that are sick.


Young Adults’ Activities


On January 19 and 20 there was a retreat for post-high young adults in Kalamazoo, MI. Plans called for a night of discussion, games, and fun. The discussion centered in God’s Word as it applied to “Giving to Charities.”


Minister Activities


Rev. B. Gritters, pastor of the Hudsonville, MI PRC declined the call he had been considering to serve as pastor to the Randolph, WI PRC. Rev. R. Cammenga, pastor of the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI has declined the call he received from the Lynden, WA PRC.

Our Seminary currently has two third-year seminarians. Tentative plans have been made to have Seminarian Rodney Kleyn do his internship in Faith PRC in Jenison, MI under Rev. K. Koole, and to have Seminarian David Overway do his internship in the Hull, IA PRC under Rev. S. Key. These internships will begin this summer, the Lord willing, and will go through the end of the year.