November 5, 1959 

Rev. J. A. Heys announced his decision to heed the call from South Holland, thereby disappointing Edgerton which had also called him. 

Rev. G. Lanting, also faced with calls from two congregations, chose to accept the call from Holland and declined the one from Randolph. 

Rev. H. Hoeksema lectured to a very attentive audience, Oct. 28, in the Women’s Literary Club at Holland, Michigan. The subject of the speech was, “The Infallibility of the Scriptures.” The Reverend spoke of the Canon of the Scripture which is the rule of our faith and life, the Spirit testifying with our spirit that it is the truth. The speaker further treated the inspiration of the Bible, and stated that it was the revelation of Jesus Christ throughout. Those in attendance testified that it was truly an evening of edification and spiritual joy. 

The Mr. and Mrs. Society League meeting was held in Southwest Church, Oct. 30. Rev. R. Veldman, of Southeast Church, was the speaker. He spoke on the great leader of the Reformation, Martin Luther, and his work in liberating the church from the robbery of the Pope and his clergy. The speaker brought out the fact that the two basic principles of the Infallibility and the Authority of the Bible alone were restored to the church through the Reformer, after they had been all but lost under the doctrines of men. The Reverend deplored our complacency regarding Reformation Day, surrounded as we are by witches, false faces and legalized bribery, trick-or-treat. The speaker called the members to diligent study of the Scriptures in order to find the Word of God, and in it the knowledge of the way of salvation. 

The Hudsonville Mr. and Mrs. Society held their Oct. 27th meeting at the Children’s Retreat and Training School; and the Sr. Mr. and Mrs. of First Church enjoyed the same privilege the next evening. Mr. Zuidema, a teacher at the Training School, conducted the society through the building, showing some of the work of the children, The tour was enjoyed by all, especially as they realized, in a small measure, the work accomplished by those dedicated men and women of the staff; being reminded of the statement of our Savior, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto these little ones, ye have done it unto me.” 

The first public program for- the purpose of raising funds for our P. R. Christian high school has been announced for NOV. 22 at Hope Church. The Hope Octette, assisted by other musical numbers will provide an hour of listening pleasure with songs of praise worship of our Covenant God. Adams School board is conducting a deficit drive to obtain $10,000. They have mailed pledge cards throughout the churches which were to be received in a special collection Nov. 8. 

The Holland Ladies’ Aid Society is happy to have secured the services of Mr. Tom Elzinga to lead them in their Bible discussions. 

Hope’s bulletin reveals that Rev. and Mrs. H. Hanko’s baby has returned home from the hospital after a satisfactory recovery. 

The Hull Young People’s Society sponsored a Reformation Day program Sunday, Nov. 1, scheduling Rev. G. Van Baren as speaker. Vocal numbers and group singing rounded out the evening. 

The Men’s Societies of South Holland and Oak Lawn met in joint session Nov. 2. The Rev. Vanden Berg answered the question, “Is present day man delving too deeply into the secrets of nature with the attempt at space travel?” A general discussion of the subject followed the speech. 

The Hudsonville congregation donated gifts of fruit, linens and cash for the Holland Home and for Pine Rest through the efforts of the members of the Ladies’ Society who canvassed the congregation for that purpose. 

The Fall Mass meeting of the Young People’s Societies was held at Hudsonville Nov. 5. The Rev. B. Woudenberg was scheduled to speak on, “What is implied by the inspiration of Scripture.” Also scheduled was a debate on, “Resolved that P. R. churches should sing hymns in the services.” 

Did You Know . . . ? That a Federation of Prot. Ref. Christian Schools has been in existence for over three years that it is composed of the Adams, Hope and South Holland- Oak Lawn societies; that this year Mr. H. Meulenberg, of Adams school, is president; that one phase of its work is the conducting of monthly seminars at Adams school, said seminars being attended by teachers, prospective teachers and ministers in the area; that the main subject of the seminar is, “Psychology and Pedagogy,” currently discussing the Scriptural principles of psychology; that the Rev. H. Hoeksema has answered the question of soul, mind, will and emotions; that Prof. H. C. Hoeksema has discussed the influence of sin upon the person; and, that Rev. G. Vanden Berg presented a study on the influence of grace and the operation of the Spirit upon the nature of man; and, finally, that these seminars are conducted by the reading of a paper by a minister or a teacher, followed by group discussion. 

Bulletin Quote (Rev. Harbach quoting from the works of A. Fuller): “Man loves to think, and cannot live without thinking; but he does not love to think of God; ‘God is not in all his thoughts.’ Man delights in ,i>activity, is perpetually in motion, but has no heart to act for God. Men take pleasure in conversation, and are never more cheerful than when engaged in it; but if God and religion are introduced they are usually struck dumb, and discover an inclination to drop the subject.” 

Surely Mr. A. Fuller was not describing us, was he? 

. . . . see you in church.