Doon’s congregation has extended a call to Rev. H. Veldman, of Redlands.

Rev. H. Hanko declined the call which came to him from Kalamazoo.

Rev. G. Vanden Berg declined the call which he had received from the church in Loveland, Colo.

The “Mission Emphasis Night,” sponsored by theBeacon Lights, and which was widely heralded in our bulletins, was a singular success. Truly, the bulletins did not avouch too much when they stated, “this will be an evening which you cannot afford to miss.” Rev. Lubbers gave a resume of his work in Houston, Texas, and in Tripp, S. Dak. In Houston he held services in a “living room church” in a rented home partly furnished for a four week stay. In Tripp, amongst much opposition, the Missionary conducted services in the City Hall which has a seating capacity of five hundred, somewhat dwarfing the “little flock” which regularly congregates to hear the truth of Scripture as embodied in the Heidelberg Catechism. Rev. Lubbers enhanced his report with the showing of colored slides.

The second half of the program was taken up by Mr. H. Zwak and Mr. H. Meulenberg who narrated their experiences on their recent trip to the island of Jamaica on behalf of the Mission Committee of our churches. Colored slides were also shown giving authenticity to the verbal descriptions of the people and places visited. Further details need not be given for the program will be repeated for the benefit of groups that request it. One wonders whether this program, which underscores our desperate need for ministers, will prove to be a means to incite young men to heed the call to reap the fields white unto the harvest . . . . . see you in church.