Year Book changes: Hope Church, Clerk: David Meulenberg, 1743 Moelker, S. W., Grand Rapids, Mich.; Treas., John J. Dykstra, 3343 Flamingo, S.W., Grand Rapids, Mich.; Kalamazoo, Sec’y-Treas., William Clason, 1317 Pinehurst, Kalamazoo, Mich. 

The last issue of The Reformed Witness was written by Rev. G. VanBaren of Doon, Iowa. The subject of the pamphlet was, “Hold Fast To The Truth.” The Society for Protestant Reformed Action has decided to begin another project of larger scope. Besides distributing pamphlets, like that mentioned above, in the community of Hull, Doon and Edgerton, they are planning to distribute them in the areas of Tripp, Menno, and Scotland, South Dakota. Two more pamphlets are scheduled to come off the press in the immediate future, one by Rev. Woudenberg of Edgerton, and the other by Rev. Kortering of Hull. This work of their Society is of considerable help to our Home Missionary who is working the South Dakota area mentioned. After the successful lecture given by Rev. H. Hanko recently the Society plans to sponsor more lectures of that type and quality. 

Classis West met in South Holland, March 15 and 16. Rev. H. Veldman presided and Rev. G. VandenBerg recorded the minutes. The rather lengthy meeting was in part due to the treatment of a protest of a member of one of the churches which was treated in great detail—another indication of the truth that we continue to struggle in the midst of the church that is very imperfect in the world. Various subsidy requests were received and treated, and Classis adopted a form to be submitted to the coming Synod in connection with the traveling expenses of our Synodical delegates. Classical appointments were scheduled as follows: For Pella: April 16—J.A. Heys; May 14—G. VanBaren; June 11—G. VandenBerg; July 9—B. Woudenberg; Aug. 13—J. Kortering; Sept. 17—H.H. Kuiper. For Isabel- Forbes: April 9, 16, 23—G. VanBaren; April 30, May 7, 14—B. Woudenberg ; May 28, June 4, 11—J. Kortering; June 25, July 2—H.H. Kuiper; July 16, 23—J.A. Heys; Aug. 20, 27—G. VandenBerg; Sept. 10, 17—H. Veldman; Sept. 24, Oct. 1—R.C. Harbach. The next meeting of Classis West will be held in Doon, Iowa, the third Wednesday in September, D.V. Rev. H. Veldman, reporter. 

Hope’s Consistory’s last news letter regarding the work of their Pamphlet Committee reported that they have published and mailed out six pamphlets to date. The mailing list has grown to 325 addresses in three states and four foreign countries. The responses are coming in at a satisfactory rate. Letters asking questions or criticizing the contents are answered by the committee. It’s certainly heartening to learn that our churches, either singly (as in Hope), or in combination (as in Doon, Hull and Edgerton) are zealous in the work of witnessing for the Truth—Mission work in the highest sense of the word. 

April 6 is the scheduled date for the Oak Lawn’s Men’s Society sponsored lecture by the Rev. H. Hoeksema in Oak Lawn Church. 

The Priscilla Society of First Church sponsored a “Benefit Coffee” in the church parlors for the Christian Foundation for Handicapped Children Wednesday morning, March 15. The proceeds go towards the purchase and upkeep of busses used to transport the students to the Children’s Retreat School. 

The Sunday School Teachers’ Board meeting was held in First Church parlors March 12. The Mass meeting was held in the same church March 17. The speaker was Rev. H. Hoeksema who spoke on the Sunday School, its teachers, and the attention which must be obtained from the children in the classes. It truly was an inspirational speech and will, no doubt, serve the teachers well because of the instruction embodied in the speech. 

Seminarian D. Engelsma has been given permission to, speak “a word of edification” in our churches. His assignments have been reported in many of our church bulletins, and by word of mouth we learn that his messages have been well received and appreciated. This fact has relieved the minister shortage in our denomination to a degree. Young men—are you remembering the need for ministers in our churches? 

The Ladies’ School Auxiliary of South Holland-Oak Lawn! Churches scheduled a program centering around the theme “The Covenant.” From Oak Lawn’s bulletin we gather that the children of their church aged 6 to 8 were to take part in that event for they were to meet at Rev. G. VandenBerg’s house to be transported to South Holland for rehearsal of that program to be given March 17. 

From the Reformed Witness Hour Program Committee we received the following schedule for the last four Sundays in April: Rev. M. Schipper, pastor of Southwest Church in Grand Rapids, will fill the “radio pulpit,” the first message, April 9, being, “The Binding of Satan,” and will be followed with, “The Reign of the First Resurrection Saints,” “The Loosing of Satan and the Battle of Armageddon,” and, “The Judgment of the Resurrected.” 

. . . . see you in church.