Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Evangelism Activities


The Reformed Witness Committee of the Doon and Hull, IA PRCs, along with the Edgerton, MN PRC, has been updating their web site at www.reformedwitness. org.  It now has available online all of the pamphlets which they distribute in their evangelism efforts.  Some of those included are, “The Foundations Are Shaking,” by Rev. B. Gritters; Rev. H. Veldman’s works on “The Well-Meaning Offer of the Gospel”; Rev. J. Kortering’s works on “Escha-tology”; and Rev. D. H. Kuiper’s “Attributes of God” series.

In their on-going evangelism efforts, the congregation of the Covenant PRC in Wyckoff, NJ sponsored a conference on “Reformed Worship” on Friday and Saturday, November 10 & 11, at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  Rev. M. VanderWal, pastor at Covenant, opened the conference on Friday evening with a speech entitled “The Regulative Principle.” On Saturday Rev. W. Bruinsma, pastor of the Kalamazoo, MI PRC, continued the conference by speaking on “A Critique of Modern Forms of Worship,” followed by Rev. C. Terpstra, pastor of the First PRC in Holland, MI, speaking on, “The Believer’s Active Participation in Worship.”  Covenant’s congregation was thankful to God for the contacts made and for the opportunity to meet with other believers.  We could also add that Revs. Bruinsma and Terpstra spent the following Lord’s Day in worship at Covenant, with each pastor preaching once for the congregation.

The Historical Committee of the First PRC in Holland, MI is offering audio and video tapes of the presentation of Agatha Lubbers and Herm Ophoff on PRC history, “An Anecdotal History of the PRC.”  This presentation was given as a sectional at Holland on October 31.  It would make a great addition to your home and or church libraries and would be a good way to remember our recently commemorated 75th anniversary.  Audio tapes may be ordered by sending $3/tape to Holland PRC, 3641 104th Ave., Holland, MI 49424.  Video tapes may be ordered by sending $18 (includes P&H) to Clare Haveman, 44 S. Pine, Zeeland, MI 49464.


School Activities


In late September the congregation of the First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI met to discuss various building and ground improvements for their property.  One proposal that they did approve was a request from Eastside Christian School to lease the circle drive area of their property for the erection of a school building.  Presently Eastside meets in the basement of First and, like many of our schools, continues with God’s blessing to see growth, making the erection of a separate building not only possible but necessary.

On Saturday, November 11, supporters of Adams Christian School in Grand Rapids, MI were invited to a dinner, auction, and open house to celebrate their school’s recently completed new addition.  Last December we reported that Adams had scheduled a ground-breaking ceremony in early October for a proposed gymnasium, science class room, and additional rest rooms.  We said that this new addition should be completed in about a year, and it appears that it was, much to the delight of the students at Adams.


Mission  Activities


The week of November 13 was an exceptionally busy one for our missionary to Ghana.  Not only was Rev. R. Moore busy with his normal mission activities, but he and his wife were also able to welcome Mr. John Bouma back to Ghana on Wednesday and the delegates from his calling church and the Foreign Mission Committee on Friday.  Mr. Don VerMeer and Mr. Jim Andringa, both elders in the Hull, IA PRC and members of the FMC, came to visit the field to gain valuable firsthand knowledge of the on-going work there, as well as to encourage the Moores in their labors on behalf of our churches.


Young People’s Activities


The Young Adults of our PR churches in the Chicago, IL area have been meeting together to discuss chapters of Prof. H. Hanko’s book, For Thy Truth’s Sake.  Each meeting deals with a different chapter of that book.  In late October Prof. Hanko, who was in the area for a Reformation Day Lecture, led one of those meetings, lecturing on “Common Grace or Particular Grace,” based on chapter 4 of his book.

Young people from various of the west Michigan PR churches met together on Sunday, November 12 for a Thanksgiving Mass Meeting at the Faith PRC in Jenison, MI.  Rev. K. Koole spoke on the theme,  “Hail to the Victor.” According to an unsolicited report from an anonymous young person, Rev. Koole’s speech was excellent—because it was short and to the point.


Minister Activities


Since our last “News,” Rev. M. Dick has declined the call he had been considering from the Randolph, WI PRC.  Consequently, Randolph formed a new trio consisting of the Revs. W. Bruinsma, R. Cammenga, and B. Gritters.  On November 13 they met and extended a call to Rev. R. Cammenga to come over and help them.  November 15 the congregation of the Hope PRC in Walker, MI met to call a pastor-on-loan to send to our sister churches in Singapore. From a trio of the Revs. W. Bruinsma, C. Haak, and D. Kleyn, they extended a call to Rev. D. Kleyn.