Rev. R. Harbach, pastor of our Kalamazoo Church, traveled to Hudsonville on Nov. 7 to speak at the League Meeting of the Grand Rapids area Prot. Ref. Churches. Under the theme “True Worship Defended,” he spoke particularly about those who claim to be “reforming” the liturgy by making it more relevant to the needs of today’s church-goers. They rebel against the sacraments (at least, the way we celebrate them), and against the pulpit (they want equal involvement), and even against the pews (they want to sit on the floor). But, as the speaker pointed out, their fundamental error is that they want nothing of the mark of the true church—the pure preaching of the Word.

The annual convention of the teachers of Adams, Hope, Covenant, and South Holland Prot. Ref. schools was held on Nov. 6 and 7 at our new high school. They attended a seminar concerning John Calvin’s ideas about education, listened to a captivating speech dealing with the teaching of literature, and participated in an art workshop in which they had an opportunity to demonstrate their ineptitude at sculpturing with clay. In view of the fact that our teachers hold a separate convention, the speech by Prof. H.C. Hoeksema on “The Christian and Culture” certainly must have been something of a highlight. He pointed out that the world and all that it contains is of significance only in so far as it can serve the child of God as a pilgrim in this earth. May God give our teachers the wisdom necessary to impart that kind of knowledge.

On Nov. 2 there was a farewell program at Hope Church for Rev. G. Lubbers. According to area bulletins, Southwest Church “has graciously consented to release their Pastor” for several months, for work in Jamaica. As pointed out by Rev. Schipper in the introductory remarks at the program, this is no small thing, since no congregation desires to see its minister gone for that length of time—especially during the busy time of the year. But, in his words “When God places us on the spot, we don’t ask how . . .” The parting words of Rev. Lubbers took the form of a request that our prayers, for which they feel such a deep need, might accompany them. Rev. J. Heys, in the closing remarks, added a little to that. Speaking as a man who knows from experience, he impressed on the minds of the audience how much letters are appreciated. That’s understandable isn’t it? Let’s all, then, take that request seriously, since, by their own testimony, it serves to lighten the load. The address—

Rev. and Mrs. G. Lubbers

General Delivery

Montego Bay, Jamaica, W.I.

Air mail, at 1% a half ounce, takes 3 or 4 days.

Surface mail, three weeks!

Speaking of sharing burdens, we find from Hudsonville’s bulletin that Rev. H. Veldman will “lead the evening classes of our Southwest Church on Wednesday” during the absence of their pastor. And, from Southeast Church, we learn that on Nov. 16, in the absence of Rev. M. Schipper, who has a classical appointment at Southwest, the “pulpit is scheduled to be supplied in the morning by Seminarian Wayne Bakkering, and in the evening by Seminarian Marvin Kamps.”

According to an October bulletin of Isabel’s Hope Church, “it is that very pleasant time of the year when our office-bearers meet with the congregation on family visitation.” What a beginning!

How about this from Lynden’s bulletin? That church received a request for “Studies in Biblical Doctrine” by one who had heard from “Dr. G.H. Girod of Grand Rapids . . . that you send your printed material free to those who ask for it.” The address of the writer—Queensland, Australia! From Grand Rapids, to Australia, to Lynden! Small world?

One last item. The public lecture held in Holland, Mich. on Nov. 13 featured Rev. J. Heys, who spoke on “The Measured Steps of the Coming Antichrist”. The building in which this lecture was held was none too large, despite the fact that those who attended had to brave the first real area snowfall. Rev. Heys traced the progress of the Antichrist, beginning with his origin in hell, continuing with the development of the man of sin throughout the history of the world, till it reaches its climax in “Satan’s masterpiece,” the Antichrist as pictured in Revelation 13. At that time, the deadly wound inflicted at the Tower of Babel will be healed, and the whole world will be united under the Antichrist and against the Church of God. But—his number is 666. Therein lies the comfort for God’s people—the steps of the Antichrist are measured. In God’s counsel, each step is determined—as to time and extent. And, as the speaker pointed out, what’s even more blessed is that He who measures the steps of the Antichrist, has also measured ours—each one, till we reach that kingdom where we will see “God’s masterpiece,” face to face.