News From Our Churches

Let’s start with a couple of requested announcements. First of all, a bit of news concerning our radio broadcast. “The Program Committee of the Reformed Witness Hour informs us that Rev. John A. Heys will be the speaker on the radio broadcasts beginning the first Sunday of the New Year. Rev. Heys has prepared a very timely and interesting series of messages which should prove of interest to all of the listening audience. All of our Protestant Reformed Churches, with one exception (Redlands, California), are geographically located so that the radio broadcasts can be heard in their areas. Are you listening? Each Lord’s Day?”

And then there’s a rather mournful note from Mr. John Faber. “In my LAST Newspage I goofed!” The Missionary trio, as reported in the Nov. 15 issue, should have included the name of Rev. Harbach rather than that it’s “high time I was emeritated.” This must have been with tongue in cheek, of course. But the new news editor hopes that this column in the future will be able to measure up to what it’s been for the past twelve from the pen of J.M.F.

According to one of the speakers of the farewell program for Rev. Lubbers, the mission committee is “taken up with” the work in Jamaica. It seems that the same could be said about many others in our churches. The Senior Young People’s Society of First Church in Grand Rapids, for example, sponsored a Thanksgiving Day program centered around the work in Jamaica. The somewhat disappointingly small, but certainly appreciative audience was treated to vocal solos by Priscilla Bol and Arnold Dykstra, and a Thanksgiving Reading by Pat Kamps. Part of the feature attraction was slides of Jamaica by Mr. Meulenberg while Rev. Lubbers himself, by means of a tape sent to Grand Rapids, reported on his activities during the first two weeks of his stay on the island. The audience could not help but be impressed with the fact that modern means of communications can certainly be put to good use by the Church. According to Rev. Lubbers’ account, he’s having what must be typical problems with red tape in his attempt to get possession of the clothing sent by Southwest Church. He also said that he misses his congregation and family and friends, but is experiencing God’s richest blessing, and asks for our continued prayers. The collection taken at this program will be used to help alleviate the traveling expenses incurred by the Jamaican ministers.

The following from a reader in British Columbia to Rev. Woudenberg: “Thank you kindly for the tapes and the study outlines that I have been receiving from you. . . . This part of the country is going into a spiritual drought. Please keep up the good work and may the Lord keep on blessing you and your ministry.” Incidentally, Rev. Woudenberg has recently declined the call extended to him from our church in Hull, Iowa.

From Doon’s bulletin we learn that the consistory of that church has placed the following on trio: Revs. C. Hanko, H. Veldman, and D. Kuiper.

“Generation Gap? The Federation Board doesn’t believe in one! Let’s see young and old at Hudsonville Church Nov. 23 for a Singspiration! Bring your enthusiasm along!” That from Grand Rapids area bulletins. The only advance information was that Mr. Hib Kuiper would be the song leader and that “special numbers have been planned.” The way to find out about those special numbers is to go. It happens that this writer didn’t But from reports, one of the several very fine numbers was a saxophone solo by Bruce Lubbers, who is fast becoming something of a favorite at “special number” time.

Also from Grand rapids bulletins, an appeal from the Radio Choir. “Members are very urgently needed. Unless the turn-out is much better this week, we will be forced to permanently disband. This is a final plea for members.” Like all good news items, this one also has a happy ending—the turn-out was better.

In the absence of Rev. Kortering, who had a three-week classical appointment in Pella, Rev. Veldman preached at Hope Church on Sunday, Nov. 23. At this service it was his happy privilege to baptize two of his grandchildren!

Members of Kalamazoo Church must really enjoy their Sunday bulletins—that is, if the ones I’ve received thus far are any indication of what’s typical. The news is interspersed with quotes from the Standard Bearer, from the Bible, from the works of Spurgeon, etc. Very interesting!

From a couple of Nov. 28 congregational meetings—First Church of Grand Rapids, in its role as calling church, extended the call to Rev. Lubbers to serve as missionary in Jamaica. Hudsonville congregation decided against an addition, in the form of a south-side wing, to their present church building.

Some more news just in from the Jamaican front, thanks to Mr. H. Meulenberg with whom Rev. Lubbers corresponds regularly. Rev. Lubbers did not waste any time in purchasing a car with which to travel from church to church while on the island. He also bought the bare necessities to furnish the house on Garadet Terrace which will be “home” to the Lubbers for the next couple months. He writes that the sun shines every day. And the temperature is “not bad”—80 degrees in the morning. In Michigan, at least, that sounds pretty good. He experiences some troubles, of course, but he writes, “the Lord brought us here; we are people of one day at a time, so we will see what the Lord has in store for us.” He mentioned, by the way, that he had not heard from home yet. Note the new address: 

General Delivery 

White Sands Post Office 

Montego Bay 

Jamaica, W.I.