News From Our Churches

Rev. M. Schipper, pastor of Southwest’s Church since 1954, has accepted a call to the Southeast Church in Grand Rapids.

Southwest’s consistory has named a trio which includes the Revs. C. Hanko, J.A. Heys and G. Vanden Berg.

The Senior Young People’s Society of First Church has changed the time of their meetings from Tuesday evening to Sunday afternoon. This change has resulted in an increase of membership and a better attendance record. Another change, which is shared by ail our Y.P. societies, is the subject material which is found in the first Book of the Bible instead of the last. This latter change, it is reported, met with instant approval and proves to be very rewarding as it deals with “beginnings” which are according to God’s inspired Word instead of the “origins” of Science, so called.

The Lord willing, Rev. Lubbers, Missionary of the Prot. Ref. Churches in America, will be the radio minister for our Reformed Witness Hour during November. Rev. Lubbers has recorded four sermons under the general theme, “The Sabbath of God.” On Sunday, Nov. 4, the listeners will hear the first of these messages, “The Sabbath of God.” The next Lord’s Day (Nov. 11), our Home Missionary will speak on the subject of “The Mosaic Sabbath of the Old Testament.” This will be followed with a sermon concerning “The New Testament Sabbath Observance.” The concluding broadcast (Nov. 25) of this series will explain “The Sabbath of Christ’s Parousia,” proclaiming “the Gospel tidings of the hope of the Eternal Sabbath in a new Heaven and new earth where God will be All in All.” Our readers are reminded of the new mailing address when writing for printed copies of the radio sermons: The Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 1230, Grand Rapids, Mich.

The Eastern Ladies’ League met in Hudsonville Church Thursday, Oct. 18. Rev. J.A. Heys was the speaker, his subject, “The Number of Man.” Rev. Heys’ schedule for that day was quite crowded for he conducted a funeral service in his own church in South Holland, Ill. in the afternoon, and had to be in Hudsonville at 8 p.m. Immediately after his speech he returned to South Holland and prepared to travel to Loveland for a Classical appointment on Sunday.

Hudsonville’s bulletin announced an innovation in the matter of their societies’ annual gift to the Holland Home and Pine Rest Hospital. This year they will receive cash offerings in the society meetings instead of asking for contributions of canned fruit and linens.

The Western Ladies’ League was scheduled to meet in Edgerton Runal’s Hall, Oct. 12. Rev. Kortering, of Hull, was the speaker, his topic: “Contentment Linked With Godliness.” The speaker based his discourse on the Scripture recorded in I Tim. 6:6-8. After recess Rev. B. Woudenberg answered questions.

The Adult Bible Class of Lynden has again resumed their meetings with a continuation of the study of the Book of Genesis. So far they have covered 25 chapters in their weekly discussions, producing over 200 single spaced pages of lesson material. From their bulletin we gather that they are striving to show themselves “approved of God, workmen who need not to be ashamed, handling aright the Word of Truth.” II Tim. 2:15.

You have experienced in your practical life that “where no wood is, there the fire goeth out”; but, have you experienced in your ethical life that “where no talebearer is, there the strife ceaseth”?Prov. 26:20.

The Christian High students in Lynden heard a chapel talk, Oct. 11, on one of Calvin’s great themes: “God uses the agency of the wicked, including their minds, to do His will, yet without the least stain to His perfect purity.” The speaker was our Rev. Harbach, and the basis for his talk was a portion of a prayer recorded in Acts 4:27, 28.

Rev. H. Hoeksema’s adult Bible class has finished the discussion of the first three chapters of Genesis and is about to study the Form for the Administration of the Lord’s Supper this season.

Rev. C. Hanko is currently preaching a series of Sunday evening sermons on “World Powers.” Having considered Enoch, son of Cain, Nimrod’s mighty Babel, and Pharaoh as a display of God’s power, Rev. Hanko spent one evening examining God’s verdict concerning Moab (His washpot), Edom and Philistia, all of them having been placed in antithetical relation to God’s people. This series will undoubtedly end with the reign of the Anti-Christ when the antithesis will be clearly drawn when one has, or has not the Mark of the Beast displayed for all to see.

Society leaders and secretaries: We would welcome news regarding your after recess programs. In the communion of saints we share troubles and burdens, let us also share our ideas which can serve our mutual edification.

May we have the grace to display the spirit that abode in Peter and John (Acts 4:29), that when the world “threatens” we will not pray that they may cease, but that we may have boldness to witness for the truth.

. . . . see you in church.