News From Our Churches

News from the Mission Field indicates that after some pro and con considerations it has finally been decided to render a Christmas program immediately after the Christmas Day service. The program’s theme will be, “The promise fulfilled by God.” Rev. and Mrs. Lubbers went to Houston, Texas, to interview people who are interested in our churches. Results of this visit are not yet available.

Correction: Due to a typographical error the name of Isabel’s new Bible study society was given last time as The Hope Bible Study Society of Israel. This should have been The Hope Bible Study Society of Isabel.

In the Adams St. School “Announcer” Mr. Donald Doezema’s editorial ends with a thought which we give here that our high school students might seriously think about the teaching profession as being worthwhile: “. . . not that teaching is easy. But what worthwhile thing is easy? It’s amazing, though, how little one minds hard work when he is happy in it and how long the day is when work is tedious, how slow the clock ticks. Teaching may be hard but it’s anything but boring. There are too many things happening and too many surprises and too many different personalities for that. There is always so much to be done and so little time in which to do it. Those shining eyes and enthusiastic responses give a satisfying glow inside a teacher that has nothing to do with pay checks. So, even apart from the privilege a teacher has in instructing the covenant youth, there is a personal satisfaction that teaching gives which I doubt can be found in any other profession or occupation. It’s what I call, ‘Purposeful Living’.”

The Adams St. School chorus recently made their first appearance of the year. This took place at First Church in the form of a recording session with the Radio Choir. You may have heard the result listening to the Christmas broadcast of the Reformed Witness Hour.

The Beacon Lights Christmas Hymnsing was held in Hope Church, Dec. 17. The singing was led by Mr. Gerald Kuiper of Hope Church. Special numbers included a male quartette from Hope, a vocal duet by Mr. and Mrs. C. Jonker, of First Church, and organ solos by Mrs. Case Lubbers, of Southeast Church. The newly enlarged auditorium was filled; even to extra chairs set up in front. Many families were present which made it possible for the director to have the children sing a stanza of one of the carols without the grownups. What is more wonderful than the sound of children’s voices singing about the Wonder of Bethlehem! May we add this comment found in Hudsonville’s bulletin: “We’ve been having good sized crowds at our hymnsings lately let’s keep it up.”

The program committee of the Reformed Witness Hour informs us that the subject of Rev. H. Hoeksema’s radio sermon for Dec. 31 is, “Everlasting Mercy.” This message proclaims the comforting assurance “that at the close of another year the people of God may glory in the unchangeable mercy of God which is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear Him.” The following Lord’s Day Rev. Hoeksema has chosen for his theme, “Hope Perfectly” (I Peter 1:13). Jan. 14, the Lord willing, the pastor explains the meaning of “Called Unto Holiness” (I Peter 1:15). On Sunday, Jan. 21, under the theme, “Walking in the fear of the Lord,” Rev. Hoeksema treats verse 18 of this chapter; and for Jan. 25, he has taken, verse 22 as the basis for his sermon which is entitled, “Love One Another Fervently.” The Radio Committee again takes this opportunity to remind you of the special “1,000th Broadcast” program which, D.V., is to be held Thursday evening, Jan. 25, in the auditorium of the First Protestant Reformed Church of Grand Rapids.

Lynden’s Adult Bible Class has purchased three spring type Bible maps for delivery in late January. This gift to the congregation is eagerly awaited by all whose Bible and catechetical instruction will be enhanced thereby.

From Hull’s bulletin we learned that The Society for Protestant Reformed Education sponsored a public lecture Friday, Dec. 15, in Doon’s Church. Rev. G. Lubbers spoke on the subject, “The Distinctiveness of a Christian Day School.” He planned to show how a Prot. Ref. day school would be distinct, using as examples subjects as History, Geography, Arithmetic and Citizenship. Opportunity for questions was provided, and the collection was for the cause of their own school.

Rev. G. Lanting, of Holland, preached on Matt. 20:28under the theme, “His Life The Ransom,” at the Communion service Dec. 17. His applicatory sermon was based on Jude 1:21: “Keeping Self in the Love of God.”

The Ladies’ Aid Society of First Church held their Christmas social Dec. 20. The program committee borrowed some musicians from Adams St. School for this event: a clarinet solo, “The Holy City,” performed by Shirley Bouwkamp and accompanied by Mary Kregel at the piano; and a flute duet—two Christmas numbers—by Sue Swart and Gail Dykstra.

We wish you all a Happy New Year, as exemplified inPsalm 144:15“Happy—is the people whose God is the Lord.”

. . . . see you in church.