The first part of this news column will be devoted to correcting an error, and reporting a change of previously reported news items. First, in the December 1 news we reported the availability of the monograph,Reformed Education, written by Rev. D. Engelsma. All the information about that little book was accurate; however, when we got around to telling you how to obtain it, we erred by giving an incorrect address. Please send those orders to: Reformed Education, 4190 Burton S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506. Second, there has been a change in the date for church organization in Singapore. They have now set January 24 as the date for that special occasion. In this connection we have since learned from a Hull, Iowa bulletin that, “The name they have chosen is the Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore.” 

As most of our readers know, one of the members of this group of God’s people in Singapore is currently studying in our seminary, i.e., Mr. Lau Chin Kwee, who will be completing his studies this school year. Concerning the seminary activities of Mr. Lau we quote the following from a bulletin of our Hope Church in Walker, Michigan: “We welcome the brethren who supply our pulpit this Sabbath, and a special welcome to Mr. Lau Chin Kwee. This morning Mr. Lau delivers his first sermon since coming into the fellowship of our churches. Although this will be a first for him in our land, he has for several years been the shepherd for his beloved group in Singapore, the GLTS. May we experience God’s blessing today, and thank and praise Him for His goodness.” The occupation of one of our pulpits by one of Oriental background is, to my knowledge at least, a historical first for the Protestant Reformed Churches. We may rejoice in this concrete evidence in our midst of the catholicity of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Finally in this connection we have learned from numerous bulletins that more than enough money for the physical provision of Mr. and Mrs. Lau Chin Kwee for the duration of their stay in the United States has been received. The Foreign Mission Committee, whose responsibility it was to see to this provision, closed their letter to the congregation by saying, “We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your congregation for your liberality in supporting this cause. We covet your prayers for this work in Singapore.”

Our young people continue to be active. Those in the Grand Rapids area gathered on November 22 at Southeast Church for a Thanksgiving Mass Meeting. Rev. Haak was the speaker. The Young People are planning a similar activity in Hudsonville on December 20 with Rev. VanBaren scheduled to speak. The Doon, Iowa young people sponsored a hayride, to which they also invited Hull’s young people. And, on November 28 the young people of our South Holland, Illinois congregation sponsored a pancake breakfast. This fund-raising project was for the 1982 Young People’s Convention.

In a recent discussion with the S.B. Business Manager, a number of interesting subscription facts came to light: For one thing, we have three Jim Dykstras that currently subscribe to The Standard Bearer. Further, I was informed that four houses in a row on Moelker Avenue in Walker, Michigan, receive our magazine. By the way, three of these have a last name of Dykstra and they are not closely related to each other. Finally, I learned that members of onehome in South Holland, Illinois receive four copies of the S. B. Apparently our publication is so popular in that household that each member receives his own personal copy. Maybe others of us should consider this multiple-copy approach. It might help solve the problem of who gets to read the S.B. first in our homes, and at the same time bring The Standard Bearer closer to self-support status. Incidentally, one wonders what the mailman thinks each time he puts those four copies of the S.B. in that South Holland mailbox.