News From Our Churches

Southwest Church has extended a call to Rev. G. Vanden Berg of Oak Lawn.

Rev. J.A. Heys, of South Holland has declined the call which had come to him from our Loveland Church.

Rev. B. Woudenberg also has declined the call which be had received from the church in Kalamazoo.

The Radio Committee of the Reformed Witness Hour announces that the radio broadcasts sponsored by the Protestant Reformed Churches in America can now be heard over Radio Station W.N.A.X., Yankton, South Dakota (570 on the radio dial). The listening audience residing in several of the Western States, including North and South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota, can hear this Distinctively Reformed radio broadcast each Lord’s Day at 4:10 P. M. The programs aired over W.N.A.X. are financed jointly by the Mission Committee of our Churches and the Radio Committee of First Church. We hope that many “new” listeners will be added to our already large radio audience of our radio ministry.

Randolph’s Adult Bible Class has begun the study of the Book of Romans. After recess they examine the chaos of cults that abound in the modern church world. So far they have considered, “Seventh Day Adventism,” “Jehovah Witnesses,” ‘Mormonism,” and “Christian Science.”

Church bulletins are the barometer of church life, and what a revivification is evidenced therein when a church long vacant again is led in the green pastures of God’s Word by their own shepherd! Oh, that young men might prepare for this vocation that all our churches might so be revived!

Hull’s Ladies’ Society recently considered the doctrinal differences between the Reformed Church in America and the Christian Reformed Churches. Mrs. J. De Boer and Mrs. T. Jansma introduced the subject for more detailed discussion. We opine that this discussion is worth copying by other societies in our denomination because those two churches are our nearest neighbors in the church world.

Rev. C. Hanko’s Dec. 2nd sermon on “The Woman and the Dragon” answered a dual purpose. It served its place in his series of sermons on the World Powers, and served to introduce the Christmas series of sermons celebrating the Incarnation Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ, the event about which the Old and the New Testaments revolve.

Rev. G. VanBaren thanked his congregation in Randolph (via bulletin) for promoting and enthusiastically supporting his Nov. 15th lecture on “Creation Days—24 Hours, or Periods.” It seems that everyone came out for this instruction, and socially enjoyed the lunch served by the ladies.

Southeast’s catechumens will have a two-week vacation from their classes while Rev. Schipper is on classical appointment in Doon, Iowa. Because of this forced vacation the usual Holiday recess will be cut to one week.

Remember: The Christmas Program to be given by the Hope Choral Society, Dec. 16, at Hope Church;and: The Christmas Singspiration in First Church, Dec. 23; and: the Hudsonville Chorus Program to be rendered in their church January 6.

Bulletin quote: “Error, as glass; is bright but brittle; it cannot endure the hammer or fire as gold can, which 1 . . . remains firm.” Thomas Brooks.

Society visiting has again made the rounds. Here are two we read about: Southeast Mr. and Mrs. was host to the Jr. Mr. and Mrs. of First. The visitors showed an after recess film on “The Pulse of Life”; First Men’s Society was I host to the men of Southwest Dec. 3. The after recess program featured a paper by Mr. Ted Engelsma discussing the question, “Is There a Scriptural Solution to the Race Problem?” All are agreed that those visits emphasize the unity of the Brotherhood in a very tangible way.

Lynden’s Adult Bible Class recently discussed Laban’s deceiving Jacob, and asked if Leah and Rachel were also deceived, and were challenged to give examples of Divine retribution found in Scripture and in history; and in their contemplation of Jacob’s polygamy they also faced the question if Moses was a polygamist. And because bulletins only feature future events we cannot publish the answers given to the above questions.

One of the bulletins carried this quotation from the works of Clarence Macartney, under the theme, True or False: “This generation is too light and frivolous for such a heroic creed; the sons of the old members are not man enough to stand up under the moral weight of Calvinism and predestination.”

Do you know the list of seven things which the Lord hates, yea, that are an abomination to Him? (Prov. 6:16-19) If they are listed in an ascending scale it is noteworthy that the third concerns hands that shed innocent blood, while the seventh points to him “who soweth discord among brethren.” Probably that is one reason why this sin is mentioned in the Communion Form as one which defiles a man and marks him as “having no part in the kingdom of Christ.”

. . . . see you in church.