March 5, l960 

The congregation at Hull has extended a call to Rev. R. Veldman of Southeast Church in Grand Rapids, from a trio which included Revs. G. Van Baren and M. Schipper. 

You who live in the Grand Rapids area are hereby reminded to come to First Church, March 17, to hear the lecture to be presented that evening by Rev. H. Hoeksema. The topic will be “The Infallibility of the Scriptures,” and is under the auspices of the Men’s Society of that church. If you have extra room in your car why not invite your neighbor, or friends, to ride out with you? This auditorium provides room for many hundreds of listeners, and the timely topic chosen by the lecturer will make it well worth while for a capacity audience. 

At a February Men’s Society meeting Creston’s pastor gave a paper on the after recess program entitled, “From Wittenberg to Liepsich.” It is also reported that Rev. Woudenberg plans to preach his farewell sermon March 20, when he leaves Creston to take up his labors in Edgerton. 

Doon’s Ladies’ Society joined in a project designed to save the congregation the expense of purchasing new Psalters and Bibles. They carefully mended all the old books that showed wear so that they may reasonably be expected to last a few more years. 

Lynden’s pastor, Rev. Harbach, was on Classical appointment in Edgerton, Feb. 25, March 6 and 13. The Edgerton Young People’s Society invited the young people from Hull and from Doon to meet with them on Feb. 29. Rev. Harbach gave a speech onRomans 3:10-18. The speaker pointed out how “God faces natural man as Judge (10-12) and renders verdict as Physician (13-18). He emphasized the complete hopelessness of natural man, yet the child of God is not without hope; and although this passage also reveals what we are by nature, we nevertheless receive righteousness through Christ. We who spiritually see our misery also see our deliverance and are properly thankful.” Doon supplied a piano duet and Hull furnished a reading. After closing, the young people had a fine time playing group games, and enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by the host society. The above account was contributed by Rev. Van Baren, who added, “It was a pleasure for the young people to see and hear Rev. Harbach, and to meet together as three societies.” 

Found in First’s Feb. 28th bulletin: “Today we commemorate with Rev. and Mrs. H. Hoeksema the 40 years of his ministry in our congregation. On Feb. 29, 1920, Rev. Hoeksema preached his inaugural sermons, and these many years he has labored hard and faithfully among us. We have been privileged to be instructed by his keen insight into the Scriptures and benefited by his spiritual guidance in all the ways in which the Lord has led us. May the Chief Shepherd continue to bless Rev. Hoeksema and us by his ministry among us also in the years to come.” 

Rev. C. Hanko will spend three weeks in South Dakota preaching in Isabel and Forbes as requested by the Mission Committee. His preaching duties in First Church will be taken over by Prof. H. C. Hoeksema and Sem. J. Kortering, the latter also teaching the catechism classes. 

The Rev. G. Vanden Berg and J. Heys attended the Catechism Committee meetings, and the February Prot. Ref. Teachers’ Seminar, Feb. 25 and 26. The brethren were also able to join the Adams St. School parents and friends at a Hostess Supper on the 25th. Because of the large number of diners the supper was served in two places, Adams school and First Church. The program was held in First’s auditorium with a ladies’trio furnishing vocal music, and an after dinner talk rendered by Rev. H. Hoeksema. Usually an after dinner speech is appreciated for its brevity and this one gave added appreciation with its food for thought. The speaker led us in the contemplation of the marvelous gift of memory which we have received from the hand of our Creator, marveling at its power of retention and recollection; indicating how we must use that gift as it is found in our children to their education in the truths of Scripture to the praise of God. 

The Teachers’ Seminar, mentioned above, was held on Feb. 25. The paper read at the last meeting by Miss Thelma Pastoor was still under discussion, treating the last point which examined the religious development of the child. A paper, “Teaching Moral and Spiritual Values” by James Jonker, was then read and discussion of the contents was begun. 

The newly organized Prot. Ref. High School Society will meet March 31 at Southwest Church in Grand Rapids. In that evening meeting the society will be asked to act upon the constitution proposal, and to elect board members from a nomination to be presented by the temporary Board appointed at the organizational meeting. Opportunity will also be given to join the society at that time, so bring your friends to Southwest Church on that date. Let us realize our calling in regard to the secondary education of our children. 

Rev. Lanting has re-organized Holland’s Young People’s Society, the first regular meeting being held Feb. 28. That was also the date of Holland’s first divine services held in their new meeting place located at Washington and West 14th Sts. 

Redlands’ consistory has also reached the opinion that drinking the wine in unison, in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper, “adds to the unity of the sacrament.” Wineglass holders had been newly added to the backs of the pews before the decision went into effect on Feb. 7.

. . . . see you in church.