The ministers of our congregations held a conference at the Spring Valley Campgrounds near Bloomingdale during the month of June. Professor H. Hanko spoke on the subject, “Sanctification and Our Nature.” 

There are a couple of decisions that Synod made that were not detailed in the last issue. First Church was instructed to proceed in calling a missionary to Jamaica and to send a retired minister or another minister to assist him full-time or for from six to nine months out of the year. In addition, approval was granted to the Committee of Contact to send as observers two of its members to the Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America in Beaver Falls, PA the week of June 25. One of their members attended part of our Synodical meeting as an observer. As a last remark, remember that next year’s Synod is scheduled to meet in Hull on June 13, 1984. 

Loveland Protestant Reformed Church has made a change in their communion service. Their bulletin of July 3, 1983 reads in part, “This morning we join one another at the table of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the great Ring of the church feed us with this heavenly bread and wine. Beginning at this communion service, we will eat the bread and drink the wine in unison (together at the same time). The reason for this change is that it will help us express the unity which we have as God’s, people both with our Lord and with one another as we eat and drink together. The bread and wine will be distributed and you are asked to hold it in your hand or if need be place the wine glass in the holder provided, until we are exhorted to take, eat and drink in remembrance of Him. . . .” 

South Holland’s bulletin of June 19, 1983 had this to say about another decision made by Synod: “South Holland’s overture to include the Trinitarian creeds in our Psalter was adopted.” The Trinitarian creeds are the Apostles’ Creed, Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed. The Nicene Creed settled the question of the nature of Christ, whereas the Athanasian Creed established the doctrine of the Trinity. Both creeds spoke out against Arianism. 

In regards to the group seeking organization in the Byron Center area, I have this information taken from Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church’s bulletin of July 10, 1983: “The consistory at its last meeting decided, at the request of a number of Hudsonville’s families, to begin official preaching services at Byron Center beginning Sunday, August 7. The meetings will be held in the Byron Center Christian Jr. High School.” If you know of any other people who have expressed interest in this endeavor, please encourage them to attend these services. The Correspondence Committee is confident that a new Protestant Reformed Church will become a reality in this area. 

Redlands Protestant Reformed Church has extended a call to Rev. S. Houck to serve as home missionary in Ripon, California. 

Concerning the educational scene, I have these two statements from Southwest’s bulletin. “A special society meeting of the Hope School Society will be held on July 25 at 8 p.m. Two proposals will be considered at this meeting. These proposals are: (1) to approve of roof repairs, and, (2) the method of final payment on the land contract in Hudsonville.” “The society for Protestant Reformed Special Education is having a public meeting August 6 at Spring Grove Park in Jamestown, at 4 p.m. There will be guest speakers, activities for special children, and a covered dish supper. We encourage members of the society and all friends to attend. For more details contact F. Haney at 457-4408.” The Board for Protestant Reformed Special Education says in their newsletter, “Being members of the covenant, handicapped children need God-centered education. With the Lords blessing, it will become a reality. We ask for your support, both prayerfully and financially.” 

Covenant Protestant Reformed Church of Wyckoff, New Jersey carried this information in their June 26th bulletin, “If anyone is interested in receiving ‘The Reformed Witness’ a two page Scripture study put out by our sister congregations in Doon and Hull, Iowa, the address is Box 181, Doon, Iowa, 51235.”