March 20, 1960 

Classis West met in Oak Lain, Ill., March 16, and decided, upon the suggestion of Classis East, to send up the news of Classical meetings to the church news editor to appear in his column. The following items were furnished by the Stated Clerk: Rev. G. Van Baren presided, functioning in that office for the first time. Rev. H. H. Kuiper, president of the previous Classis, functioned as clerk. The meeting lasted from 9 A.M. to 10:15 P.M., and was marked with a good spirit throughout. Classis approved the action of consistories in two censure cases, one of which was the erasure of a baptized member. Another case was returned to the consistory as not having been completed at that level. 

Rev. H. Veldman was re-eledted to the office of Stated Clerk for a term of three years. Revs. J. A. Heys and G. VandenBerg were elected Church Visitors with Rev. G. Van Baren as alternate. 

Classis elected the following as delegates to the forthcoming synod: Ministers, Primi, Revs. J. A. Heys, H. H. Kuiper, G. Vanden Berg, H. Veldman; secundi, R. C. Harbath, G. Van Baren. Elders, primi., J. Flikkema, W.A. Griess, H. Huisken, C. Vander Molen;secundi, J. Blankenspoor, G. Grunnink, G. Huber, R. Regnerus. It was decided that the first alternate minister delegate would serve as secundus for the first. two primi delegates, and the second alternate to serve as secundus for the last two primi delegates; further, that each elder delegate should call on his alternate if necessary. 

Classical appointments are as follows: For Hull, March 20, 27, April 3, Rev. H. Veldman; May 1, G. Van Baren; May 8, B. Woudenberg; May 15, G. Van Baren; June 5, B. Woudenberg; June 12, J. A. Heys; June 19, G. Vanden Berg; July 10, 17 and 24, H. H. Kuiper; Aug. 7, B. Woudenberg; Aug. 14, J. A. Heys; Aug. 21, G. Van Baren; Aug. 28, Sept. 4, 11, R. C. Harbach. For Pella, April 3, G. Vanden Berg; June 19, B. Woudenberg; July 31, G. Van den Berg; Sept. 11, J. A. Heys. 

Classis decided to request. Classis East to provide classical appointments for the congregation of Randolph; and, if the neighbor Classis cannot meet the request, the consistory of Randolph shall apply to the Classical Committee for assistance in this matter. Classis also decided to adopt a set of rules for parliamentary procedure, and to request Synod to incorporate these rules in a new Church Order book, together with a constitution for the Classical Committee. The ministers were requested to furnish two more sermons, for reading services, by July 1. A decision was made to recommend to Synod that subsidy be granted to the congregations of Redlands, Lynden, Loveland, Doon, Hull, Edgerton Randolph, and Oak Lawn. All the consistories but two, were represented by two delegates. 


Stated Clerk 

The Protestant Reformed Music Festival (the first of its kind) is now history. The program featured over 130 participants, groups and individuals representing every phase of church and school music, as we know it. If such a festival is to be repeated, as we sincerely hope, it might be better that a whole evening be devoted to it instead of rendering one after a Sunday evening service; the hour got quite late for the many school-attending children in the audience. The Young People’s Society of our Southeast church sponsored the event, furnishing music that admirably served to complete a Sunday of praise worship. 

Holland gave their new pastor a congregational welcome Friday evening, March 11, in the auditorium of their new meeting place. (This is located on West 12th St., not West 14th, as reported in the last issue.) Rev. Lanting writes that it was a very enjoyable evening for the congregation and for him and his family. 

Edgerton plans to install Rev. Woudenberg Mar. 25, and after the service a congregational welcome will be given, D.V. 

The Program Committee of the Ref. Witness Hour has the following to report: A new Radio Choir has been organized and by this time has been “on the air.” They hope, D.V., to furnish the musical portions of the Ref. Witness Hour for many of the Sunday programs. The choir and accompanist, under the capable direction of Mr. Roland Petersen, is composed of musical talent from our various local congregations. The Radio Committee is eagerly awaiting your comments regarding this newly organized group. The committee and choir have labored quite some time in the realization of this endeavor and requests the “listeners’ reaction.” The Committee also reports that on Resurrection Day, April 17, special music has been provided to commemorate this glorious and blessed event. Be sure to listen to this program ―Rev. H. Hoeksema will speak on the theme, “The Living One.” Send your comments to: The Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 8, Grand Rapids 1, Mich. 

Rev. H. Hoeksema’s lecture on “The Infallibility of the Scriptures” was given March 17 in the auditorium of First Church in Grand Rapids. Immediately after the lecture the ushers collected questions from the audience, which were then answered by the speaker. The entire meeting lasted three hours, from 8 to 11 P. M., with interest running high to the very end. It was very gratifying to the sponsoring Men’s Society to see such a large audience willing to attend a serious lecture, and to be willing to stay so late to hear their questions answered. We hope that the success of this venture will give them courage to sponsor another lecture in the Fall, probably on a topic suggested by one of the questions, “The so-called findings of Science, in the light of Scripture.” 

. . . . see you in church.