April 20, 1960 

Oak Lawn’s pastor, Rev. G. Vanden Berg, declined the call from Randolph. 

The congregation at Hull extended a call to Rev. M. Schipper of Southwest Church, Grand Rapids. 

Report of Classis East 

April 6, 1960, Hope Church, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Rev. C. Hanko, chairman of the January Classis, led in devotions. All the churches of Classis East were represented by two delegates each. Three delegates appearing on the meeting for the first time. Rev. B. Woudenberg, who had transferred to Classis West since our last meeting, was noticeably absent. Rev. H. Hanko, pastor of the host church, presided efficiently at this meeting, while his father, Rev. C. Hanko transcribed the minutes. This meeting of Classis was very brief. We were finished with our work by noontime. We breathed in a very brotherly atmosphere throughout this session of Classis. Much of the work was routine: reading and adoption of minutes, reports of the Stated Clerk and Classical Committee, appointment of committees of finance and classical appointments, etc. . 

Classis honored the request of Classis West in regard to classical appointments for Randolph, as well as requests from Greston and Grand Haven. The following schedule was adopted: Grand Haven: April 24: A. Mulder, May 15 – G. Lanting, May 29 – G. Vos, June 19 – C. Hanko, July 3 – H. Hanko, July 10 – R. Veldman. Creston: April 24 – G. Lanting, May l – G. Vos, May 8 – R. Veldman, May 22 – C: Hanko, May 29 – A. Mulder, June 12 – M. Schipper. Randolph: April 24 – H. Hanko, May 1 – C. Hanko, May 15 – G. Vos, June 12 – R. Veldman, June 19 – A. Mulder, June 26 — G. Lanting, July 10 – M. Schipper. 

The Revs. H. Hanko and M. Schipper were given only two appointments because of their service in Isabel-Forbes for three Sundays each. 

Classis voted for Church Visitors and elected the following: Revs. C. Hanko and G. Vos. Rev. R. Veldman is alternate for both. 

Two churches asked Classis to forward to Synod amendments and corrections in their subsidy requests. This was granted.

Another church presented an overture for Synod which was returned to that church on the grounds of Article 30 of the Church Order. 

Rev. A. Mulder thanked the ladies of Hope Church for their excellent catering services. 

Classis decided to meet next time on July 6th in Southwest Church. 

Questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily. 

After a few closing remarks by the chairman in which our churches were committed to the blessing of God, Elder J. M. Faber closed the meeting with thanksgiving. 

M. Schipper, Stated Clerk

The installation of Rev. B. Woudenberg took place in Edgerton on the evening of March 25. Rev. H. Veldman preached the sermon and Rev. G. Vanden Berg read the form. After the service a short welcome program was given by the congregation. While refreshments were being served opportunity was given for the new pastor and his wife to become acquainted with the members of the congregation. There was a goodly number of visitors from the congregations of Doon and Hull, Iowa. The evening was a very pleasant experience for all. 

The Prot. Ref. Men’s Chorus gave a Lenten program in Hudsonville Church after the evening service, April 10. The newly enlarged auditorium was filled down to the front row, with chairs set up in the aisles. The Chorus served God with songs of praise-worship with their usual high class selections of male chorus arrangements, including one by their director, Mr. Roland Petersen. The men were supplemented by a vocal quartet of ladies from the Hudsonville congregation. Two of the same ladies also rendered a piano-organ duet, completing an evening of spiritual enjoyment for the entire audience, and, we believe one of sweet smelling savor to the God of our salvation Who loves to hear His singing militant Church. The program was sponsored by the Mothers’ Club of the Hope Prot. Ref. Christian School. 

Correction: Revs. J. Heys and H. H. Kuiper have been appointed Church Visitors in Classis West. 

Did you know: That through correspondence upon receipt of a Christmas greeting it was discovered that Rev. Yoisiyi Morii of Kyoto, Japan, has Rev. H. Hoeksema’s exposition on The Heidelberg Catechism in his personal library; that, the book committee of the Radio Committee has since supplied that Japanese minister with the remainder of “Dominee’s” published books to add to his library; that, you, too, may obtain any or all of these books by ordering them from the Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 8, Grand Rapids 1, Mich. And, that Rev. G. Lubbers was scheduled to lecture in Hull, April 19, on the subject, “The Serious Confrontation in the Preaching of the Gospel”; and, that the Doon Ladies’ Society sponsored a hymn sing, April 10, proceeds to go for a new tile floor in the church basement? 

…. see you in church. 

J. M. F.