The congregation of Redlands has called the Rev. J. Kortering of Hull, from a trio which included the Revs. J.A. Heys and G. Vanden Berg. 

“Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and into eternity” was the Scripture passage Rev. C. Hanko chose to comfort the mourners at Mrs. H. Hoeksema’s funeral Wednesday, September 25. After a lingering illness of about six months Mrs. Hoeksema was relieved of this body of death Monday, September 23. Having fought the good fight of faith, in the congregation and in her home, she finished the course and was taken away to share in the crown of righteousness with which the Lord will reward all who have loved his appearing. Oh, blessed truth: “We are sown in weakness, we are raised in power!” 

The Committee for the publication of Prot. Ref. literature is alerting our people to the goal of $10,000 for which it is striving. The first book to be published will cost upward from $6,000.00, which must be raised very soon. The monies received over and above their most pressing needs will go into the next project. We have so very much material that should be published, and this Committee is dedicated to that purpose. The Committee is hoping that the members of our denomination will heed the open letters describing its aims and financial needs. Watch for the next letter telling how you may become one of the underwriters of this great work. 

Hull’s summer Sunday School held the last session of their first year August 25. Rev. Kortering, via the bulletin, expresses his gratitude for the cooperation of the parents in assisting the children, and for the faithfulness of the teachers who devoted much effort in preparing for their classes; and his grateful thanks “to our God Who has blessed us with this means of instruction for our covenant children that they may be better equipped for their calling in the midst of the world.” 

The Annual meeting of the Reformed Action Society was scheduled for Sept. 20 in Doon Church. Rev. H. Hanko was to speak on, “The Testimony of the Printed Page in Our Day.” 

Sept. 20 was also the date of the Sunday School Teachers’ Mass meeting held in Southwest Church in Grand Rapids. Seminarian Robert Decker was scheduled to speak on the subject, “The Sunday School and Its Place in the Protestant Reformed Churches.”

Holland’s Ladies’ Society held their Annual Social in the last week of August. This social was the occasion for the congregation to present Rev. and Mrs. Lanting with a Melmac dinnerware set and an electric blanket. 

Holland’s consistory has authorized the Building Committee to make preliminary investigations into the possibility of erecting a church edifice on the recently purchased lots. 

Monday evening, Sept. 9, was the date of Holland’s Annual Society Inspirational meeting. This year Rev. R.C. Harbach, of Kalamazoo, was slated to give the inspirational address. 

We think that the above mentioned practice might well be copied in all our churches and that the entire adult membership be invited (as Holland did) that the value of society life may be re-emphasized. Whenever two or three children of God are congregated in His Name He has promised to be personally present. Surely, then, not one of us may with impunity neglect the gathering of saints where the Word of God is studied. How tragic to miss an opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of the Spirit in the communion of saints! 

Oak Lawn’s Young People’s Society heard a paper by Kay Wieringa on a recent after recess program on, “What should the Christian’s view be with regard to present day’s findings of archeologists and geologists?” A Scripturally based paper on that subject should be of timely value to young people in this day and age. For many an educator very glibly teaches for fact the theories of the scientists of today. It’s well to remember that science is true science only when it is not in conflict with God’s Own revelation concerning His Creation. 

Rev. Herman Veldman, minister in the Hope Prot. Ref. Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, will be the radio speaker on the weekly broadcasts of The Reformed Witness Hour during October. Ephesians 6:13 is the text of the speaker’s first two messages of this series. This section of Holy Writ teaches the people of God that the Christian soldier, in order to be strong in the Lord, must put on the whole armor of God. In the last two sermons of the series Rev. Veldman explains to his listeners that “The Christian is a New Creature in Christ Jesus”— II Cor. 5:17. For further study printed copies can be obtained by writing to The Reformed Witness Hour, Box 1230, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501. 

The Society for Protestant Reformed Secondary Education (high school) almost unanimously adopted the Board’s proposal to purchase the property situated near Hope Church. That’s a big start! 

. . . . See you in church.