May 5, 1960 

Rev. H. H. Kuiper, of Loveland, suffered a recurrence of a stomach ailment and its attendant loss of blood due to hemorrhage. The attack occurred in the church parlors during a social gathering following a lecture by Rev. Heys of South Holland. Another attack, two days later in the hospital, left Rev. Kuiper in a critical condition, but ten days and five transfusions later found him in a much improved condition. At this writing he is reported to be still in the hospital in Loveland. 

The Mr. and Mrs. League met April 22 in the Adams St. School gym, Southeast Church being the host. Prof. H. C. Hoeksema, chairman of the League, led in opening devotions and introduced the speaker, Rev. A. Mulder, of Kalamazoo. The topic of Rev. Mulder’s speech was, “The Protestant Reformed Home.” First Church’s Sr. Society furnished the music on the program with a ladies’ vocal trio consisting of Mrs. K. Bylsma, Mrs. C. Kregel and Mrs. C. Jonker. Old acquaintances were renewed while the refreshments were being enjoyed.

The Eastern Ladies’ League met in Southwest Church, April 21. Prof. H. C. Hoeksema gave the address which was entitled, “The Sabbath and Our Covenant Children.” 

“The Signs of Christ’s Return as Seen in Our Day” was the topic of the lecture given by Rev. C. Hanko, of First Church, April 28, in Oak Lawn. The next day Rev. Hanko conducted a funeral service in his own congregation, and Saturday he and his wife trekked to Randolph to fill a classical appointment on Sunday. In Rev. Hanko’s absence Rev. H. Hoeksema conducted two services, May 1. 

Radio News: Did you know that the Printing and Mailing committee of The Reformed Witness Hour furnishes printed sermons to about 400 of their listeners? Our Radio Program is not only broadcasted through these United States, but from New York to California and from Florida to the State of Washington the radio sermons are read by persons requesting this free service. A postcard with your name and address is all that is required of you to place your name on the permanent mailing list. Write to: The Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 8, Grand Rapids 1, Mich. 

The Hope Choral Society presented the beautiful cantata, “Life Eternal” after the service Sunday evening, May 1. The proceeds were earmarked for our own high school society. 

Lynden’s adult Bible class did not meet April 27 because the consistory met in special session to receive the Classis West Church Visitors. 

Did you know that Rev. Vos, of Hudsonville, mails the weekly bulletin and a specially written open letter to the ten servicemen of his flock? Rev. Vos writes that he is still hoping to receive ten answers in any given week. 

The Young People’s Spring Mass Meeting was held in Hope Church, April 26, with Prof. H. C. Hoeksema as the speaker for the evening. The speaker bemoaned the fact that a new generation had sprung up which was yet struggling with the question of the drama. The Professor, speaking on that theme, posited the Prot. Ref. viewpoint of the evil of impersonating the life and emotions of another by amateur or professional actors. The observation was made that the evil was most prominent in the worldly movies, but to a great extent has found an outlet in our living rooms via the television set. The Reverend stated that whenever recreation is sought by our young people it must never be found in the presentation of the drama, whatever the media used, be it the high school play, T.V. fare, or movies. After recess Dale Vander Kooy, of Hudsonville, and Bob Decker, of First Church, aired their opinions of the question whether or not the church should appoint young people to certain Kingdom work, such as sponsoring lectures, writing and distributing pamphlets, etc. Was it a coincidence that the young people of Oak Lawn, in their Sunday’ evening meeting two days before the Mass Meeting mentioned above, debated the question, “Drama – should we use it”? 

The Adams St. School Athletic Ass’n invited our people to a Barbecue and Sandwich Supper Saturday evening, April 23. This type of supper was an innovation in our circles, and should this event be repeated in the Fall many more diners will take advantage of it because of the good reports heard from all the “first nighters.” 

The Ladies’ Aid Society of First Church ended the season’s activities with their annual luncheon April 27. The five “birthday groups” of the society turned in the monies raised during the year by each group, and found it totaled $383.50. This fund will be divided between various charity causes. After recess a film was shown by Rev. Heynen, of Pine Rest, and the offering taken was donated to that worthy cause. 

Because of the shortage of ministers at present many of our churches must be supplied by others, changing the time of services, or having reading services. 

Hope’s consistory has decided that the congregation shall sing the “amen” after the first doxology which is, “Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.” 

Hudsonville’s Sunday School has again opened its doors for the summer season beginning May 1st. 

Redlands has decided to use commercially printed bulletins, but this move awaits the return of Rev. H. Veldman who is away on a classical appointment in Hull for three weeks. 

Do you agree that â€• “Man’s goings are of the Lord; how can a man then understand his own way?” Prov. 20:24

. . . . see you in church.