A Holland, Michigan bulletin gives us more information concerning the planned organization in Singapore: “Rev. James Slopsema of Edgerton and Elder Ed Van Ginkel of Doon will leave for Singapore in January for the organization of the group with which Rev. den Hartog is laboring into a church. We can rejoice in this evidence of God’s covenant faithfulness as He continues to gather His church.” 

That same bulletin informs us that “Rev. W. Bruinsma has declined the call extended to him by our sister church in Redlands.” 

Of late, pulpit supply for our Redlands, California congregation has been in the able hands of some of our “retired” ministers. The following bulletin announcements give the particulars: The Southwest Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan November 29 bulletin reports: “Rev. and Mrs. Veldman will be flying to Redlands, California, on December 3. Rev. Veldman will be preaching in our .Redlands church for an undetermined length of time. We wish them God’s traveling mercies and blessings while they are absent from us.” The Redlands, California December 6 bulletin announced: “We thank our Heavenly Father for safely bringing Rev. and Mrs. Veldman into our midst. They are scheduled to labor in our midst until the first part of March, if needed. May God bless their stay in Redlands.” The Holland, Michigan December 13 bulletin states: “We welcome Rev. and Mrs. Heys back into our midst after several months labor in Redlands.” It appears that the stay of Rev. and Mrs. Heys in their home in Holland will be short-lived, however. A conversation with Rev. Lubbers revealed that he and his wife and Rev. and Mrs. Heys planned, the Lord willing, to leave for Jamaica on January 13 for a stay of approximately two months. We take this opportunity too, to pass on the request of Rev. Lubbers that we remember them before the throne of our Heavenly Father. 

While we are on the subject of our emeriti ministers, we also report that Rev. C: Hanko is currently in the middle of an extended stay in Bradenton, Florida on behalf of our First Church in Grand Rapids which continues its church extension work in that area.

Concerning a recent Mission Committee publication, a Loveland, Colorado bulletin reads: “There are copies of a small leaflet in the bulletin rack containing a brief description of the beliefs and practices of the Protestant Reformed Churches. These are intended for distribution to people who wonder what we believe. They may be your relatives, neighbors, people with whom you work. Take as many as you can distribute.” By the way, the exact title of this publication is “The Faith and Practice of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America.” Those of our readers who do not have direct access to this useful little pamphlet should be able to obtain a copy by sending to our business manager, Mr. Vander Wal. (See the masthead of this magazine for the correct address.)

A December 13 bulletin informed the South Holland, Illinois congregation that: “The sacrament of baptism will be administered to the child of Rev. and Mrs. Ron Van Overloop on December 27th in Birmingham under the supervision of Elders Poortenga and Van Baren.” We who are in the established congregation—especially the larger ones—find the administration of the sacrament of baptism to be a regular occurrence. However, this was the first baptism in our Birmingham mission and was something special for the group who gathers there from week to week. A visit to Birmingham by the undersigned over the Christmas weekend also produced some other information worthy of the Standard Bearer news, I think: First, Rev. Van Overloop is now broadcasting on a different radio station, namely—or should we say, “letterly,” WQEZ. The broadcast time is 9:30 on Sunday mornings. Secondly, they have changed the site for their evening worship services to the Baptist Deaf Church located at 419 11th St. in Midfield, Alabama. This church is much closer to Pastor Van Overloop’s home in Hueytown than the union hall where they continue to hold their morning services. I might add that there is one drawback to holding services in the Baptist Deaf Church and that is that no piano is available to assist them in their group singing. To offset this the Van Overloops record on cassette tape the songs that will be sung and play them back at the appropriate times during the worship services. Thirdly, the Van Overloops have a new address: 6875 Sunny Dell. No, they have not moved! They are just among the unsuspecting victims of a new house-numbering system that has taken place in the area of their residence.