Rev. G. Vanden Berg, of Oak Lawn, has received the call from Hope Church of Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids’ Southyest Church has extended a call to Rev. J. Kortering, of Hull Church in Iowa.

The complaint is often heard among church-goers that seminary students sound so much alike that it is difficult to detect the identity of theiralma mater from their sermons. Sunday, January 27, First’s church’s pulpit was occupied by one of her sons, Seminarian Robert Decker, preaching on, “Come unto me all ye that are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Contrary to the above mentioned complaint, the sermon preached in First Church that evening (and in other churches previously) clearly divulged the identity of the seminary in which he receives his training. The churches thank you, Professors!

Oak Lawn’s Young People’s Society requested permission to have charge of the church library, which was granted by the consistory.

Lynden’s Pastor was the speaker January 6 on “Lynden Time,” a feature of Radio Station KPUG. Rev. Harbach’s topic was, “Is the Sermon on the Mount Christianity?”

Severe wintry storm forced cancellation of many of our church services this winter. These, too, ape from the Hand of our God, “who sendeth forth his commandments upon earth . . . . who giveth snow like wool . . . . who casteth his ice like morsels”. If the Lord sent them to test us would He have found the stay-at-homes engaged in activities comparable to that of the Christians of the Last Days whose services will be canceled by their civil lords? Was our activity one of foretaste of the Rest laid away for the saints?

Contribution of the Radio Committee: Did you know that the broadcast of our Reformed Witness Hour over Trans World Radio continues to produce the greatest volume of response received by the corresponding secretary of the Radio Committee? These Trans World broadcasts are heard in England at 11 A.M. and in Western Europe at 12 noon. Any of you who have relatives or friends in the Armed Forces in the British Isles or Western Europe might pass along this schedule to their “special serviceman.” We are sure that hearing our Distinctively Reformed Radio Program in a foreign land would be almost as welcome as a letter from home. The following letter is typical of the responses received from there: “Dear Friend, Please note the slight change of address for my monthly sermon copy. I would not wish to lose the blessing which these bring. It is so good to study them at leisure and more deeply. I have learned many new truths from your fine radio broadcast over TWR—your various speakers are all so gifted as Bible teachers—making difficult parts so easy to understand: There is always blessing, comfort and encouragement in every message. . . . I remember all your special needs every day in my personal prayer. . . . May God bless, guide and direct all your ministry and supply all your needs. Sincerely in His Name, Miss ________, Bournemouth, England.”

Our Missionary has taken up his labors in Houston, Texas, his new address: 4413 Phil St., Bellaire 101, Tex. The bulletins from Houston depict regular worship services like ours, but preceded by a Sunday School session at 9:30 A.M. Rev. Lubbers is beginning his work, in the Sunday School with material concerned with the “Beginnings” of Genesis 1; and his sermons proclaim the truth of God’s Word as delineated in the beginning of the Heidelberg Catechism. May these beginnings develop and yield fruit, “some thirty fold, some sixty and some a hundred.”

Hudsonville’s Young People’s Society was host to the Junior Y.P.S. of First Church Sunday afternoon, February 3. Mr. Zwak, president of the host society, led the Bible discussion and Mr. Bos, president of the visiting society, had charge of the after recess activities. The program furnished by the visitors included a reading by Barb Meyer, “If Jesus Should Come To Your House”; a clarinet solo by Shirley Bouwkamp, “The Holy City”; and a trombone solo by Gary Bylsma. Mary Kregel was at the piano to accompany the musical numbers.

Randolph’s Adult Bible Class, in an after recess program, discussed Isaiah 63:17a, which reads: “O Lord, why hast thou made us to err from thy ways, and hardened our heart from thy fear?” Rev. VanBaren asked, “Was this a proper question of Isaiah, or did he have a mistaken idea of God’s ways?”

Advance notice: Southeast’s Young People’s Society is sponsoring a program February 17. The Hope Choral society has been scheduled for that event. All music lovers in this area are cordially invited to enjoy an evening of sacred music with them.

“Quiet thoughts” found in Southeast’s bulletin: “Sin may come upon thee by surprise, but do not let it dwell with thee as a. guest.”

Ministers and/or consistory clerks: What happened to your New Year’s resolution to send in your bulletins as requested?

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