Rev. J.A. Heys, of South Holland, is presently considering a call from Redlands, Calif., and from Southwest Church in Grand Rapids, Mich. 

The Senior Mr. and Mrs. Society of First Church sponsored a program Oct. 12 on “Mission Work in Jamaica.” A large gathering of interested people came from all the area churches to obtain firsthand information about the people whom we have contacted in Jamaica. This information was ably given by Rev. Hanko while Mr. Meulenberg operated the slide projector depicting the people and places visited. Opportunity was given to ask questions, and an offering was taken for the building of a tabernacle in Montego Bay. This proved to be a very interesting program and served to nourish our intention to help the brethren in Jamaica. 

Rev. and Mrs. C. Hanko and Mr. and Mrs. H. Meulenberg left Grand Rapids Monday morning, Nov. 4 on a tour of our Western churches, Rev. Hanko to fill Classical appointments in Redlands and Lynden, and both men to repeat their “Mission Work in Jamaica” program. We believe that each and everyone of you who hear the tape recording played on that program will thrill to hear their heart-felt rendition of Psalter No: 203 as the Jamaican Christians sing, “In sweet communion Lord with Thee I constantly abide.” Verily, through the means of electronics we were able to enjoy the communion of saints with those of that far-off Southern clime. 

Hope’s pastor, Rev. H. Veldman, is conducting a Post-Confession Class to which he invites all the members of the congregation. The Baptism Form is the subject of their deliberations. A Sunday bulletin carried a list of five questions which were to be considered at the next meeting. 

Rev. G. VanBaren, of Randolph, scheduled his second of a series of lectures on “Calvinism” Oct. 30. This was entitled, “Unconditional Election” (the U of the word, tulip). After the program, before journeying to their homes, the audience was invited to a social gathering in the church parlors.

“The Reformed Witness,” the missionary project of the Midwestern churches, published another pamphlet, this one entitled, “The Only True Church,” written by Rev. H. Hanko, of Doon. 

Because of the death of Rev. M. Schipper’s father, Southeast’s pastor did not preach Sunday, Oct. 27. That bulletin expressed their appreciation of Southwest’s co-operation by holding an afternoon service that they might share their pulpit supply with Southeast in this emergency. Truly, an example of fulfilling the law of Christ enjoined upon His Church inGalatians 6:2, “bear ye one another’s burdens.” 

The League of Men’s Societies met in Hope Church Oct. 28. Rev. G. Lanting, president of the League, opened the meeting with Scripture reading and with prayer. Arnold Dykstra furnished two numbers on the program, the first a medley of hymns representing Grace, Truth, and Praise; the second extolling the loveliness of God’s dwelling as depicted in Psalm 84. Rev. H. Veldman was the speaker and his subject was “Our Future.” After describing the meaning and the ground of the future of our churches the speaker then delineated our calling as that of the Church in the Philadelphia of Rev. 3: “Keep His Word,” and, “Confess His Name.” After recess reports were read, proposals of the Board were adopted, new business was conducted, and the meeting was closed with prayer by Rev. Veldman. 

The young people of Southeast Church conducted a carwash in the church lot Saturday afternoon, Oct. 26 with the proceeds going to the purchase of carpeting in the church. That’s probably the reason there were so many clean cars in Adams St. School’s parking lot while the people were enjoying a pancake supper served by the School’s Athletic Club. 

Rev. H. Veldman was recently confronted with triple requests for lectures. He nobly rose to the occasion and lectured for the Eastern League of Ladies’ Societies Oct. 24 on, “The Merger of Churches as a Sign of the Times”; for the Mr. and Mrs. Mass Meeting Oct. 25, on, “The Reformation and the Modern Merger of Churches”; for the Men’s Societies’ League Oct. 28, on, “Our Future.” That was a Michigan October that Rev. Veldman is unlikely to forget for some time! 

Oak Lawn’s people came out for a program and baked goods sale Friday, Oct. 25. The proceeds (over $80.00) were donated to their school. 

The after recess programs of our churches’ societies reveal a wide variety of interesting subjects. Recent topics were: Randolph’s Adult Bible Class—”Can we consider Insurance to be a God-given means to help the poor, or does it reveal a lack of trust in our Heavenly. Father?”; South Holland’s Men’s Society—a paper by Mr. Buiter on, “The Life of the Mennonites”; South Holland’s Ladies discussed the expression “Anathema, Maranatha” of I Cor. 16:22; and their Young People’s Society heard a paper on, “The Origin of the Heidelberg Catechism.” In the latter case we trust that even if the hearers do not remember the details of the. Catechism’s origin very long, essayist Billy Denting will! 

“. . . . . Speak thou the things which become sound doctrine . . .” Titus 2:3

. . . . see you in church.