News From Our Churches

Rev. G. Vanden Berg, of Oak Lawn, has declined the call which came to him from Hope Church, in Grand Rapids.

Rev. J. Kortering, of Hull, Iowa, declined the call from Southwest Church in Grand Rapids.

Rev. R.C. Harbach, Lynden’s pastor since 1955, has declined the call from Loveland, and has accepted the call from Kalamazoo. The Publication Committee of Oak Lawn and South Holland churches is regularly mailing pamphlets to outsiders, under the general theme, “Word of Life.” The current series is on “The Lord’s Prayer” which has been written by Rev. J.A. Heys, the titles of which suggest the content of each petition: “The Upward Look,” “As A Little Child,” “Top Priority,” “Kingdom Zeal,” “A Sanctified Will,” “Bread For Today,” “Paid in Full,” “Till Seventy Times Seven,” “Fear of a Fiery Trail,” “Freedom of Religion.” They will mail out some 2,700 copies of each issue, and, as a result of a recent canvass taken, they plan to mail 1,000 copies of past issues in a new area. All this indicated a very effective way of witnessing to others of the truth of Scripture as it lives in our churches.

At a combined meeting of Men’s Societies of Oak Lawn and South Holland Rev. Heys was scheduled to answer a question, “Does God’s Sovereignty Make Him the Author of Sin?” The same subject, in lecture form, will be treated by Rev. Heys in our Isabel and Forbes churches.

First Church’s Feb. 17 bulletin carried this saddening announcement: “Mrs. H. Hoeksema suffered a light stroke during the early part of this week. She is showing a slight improvement.” At this writing that “improvement” is still slight, and only intermittently so.

Rev. C. Hanko, of First Church, addressed a Hostess Supper gathering at Hudsonville sponsored by their Mr. and Mrs. Society, Feb. 14. His timely and though provoking topic was, “Communism.”

Hope’s entire congregation, men, women, and children, came out the evening of Feb. 7 to bid farewell to Rev. H. Hanko and family. Because they lacked facilities to house such a large gathering the social was held in First’s Church’s parlors. Their pastor conducted his farewell service Feb. 3.

Rev. H. Hanko’s Installation Service at Doon was scheduled for Feb. 14. Doon’s Moderator, Rev. J. Kortering, officiated at this service. All those who have ever attended our Seminary are well acquainted with Rev. H. Hoeksema’s “Dogmatics,” a complete systematic treatment of Christian Doctrine. This work was originally mimeographed and bound in six volumes, 100 copies of this monumental work were so prepared. Besides our Seminary students, many other students have obtained copies so that the entire supply of 100 copies have gone into the Reformed church world. Now that the supply has run out, it is desired that the entire work be printed and published in one volume. To that end a committee of volunteers has been organized; some preliminary work has been done, but ways and means must still be found to sponsor this undertaking, which will surely be appreciated by all serious Bible students. This committee seeks expansion and invites our men to join them in this worthwhile endeavor. If interested, contact Mr. William Kamps, 2386 O’Brien Rd. S.W., Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Notice that a debate was held in a recent Young People’s Society meeting in South Holland on, “Resolved that smoking is wrong” sets one to wondering what argument the negative team could present to claim it to be right.

At an Open House Feb. 19 the Edgerton congregation helped Mr. and Mrs. Art Bleyenberg celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary. Their family includes seven daughters and four sons, with 150 direct descendants. Edgerton’s bulletin said in part, “May their remaining sojourn be spent in confidence and trust knowing that ‘all the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth unto such as keep His covenant and His testimonies.'”

Friday evening, Feb. 26, our missionary, Rev. Lubbers, scheduled a lecture in Houston, Texas, on, “The Church’s Calling Toward the Ecumenical Movement.”

On the Reformed Witness Hour broadcast for March 3 Rev. H. Hoeksema will preach on II Pet. 5:10, “Fitted Unto Destruction.” March 10 rev. Hoeksema will begin a series of Lenten sermons under the general theme, “The Rejection of our Lord Jesus Christ,” the first being, “Rejected at Nazareth.” March 17 the topic will be, “Rejected at Capernaum”; March 24, “Rejected by the Rulers”; and March 31 the speaker will explain that “our Lord Jesus Christ deliberately chose Judas Iscariot to be on of His disciples that He might be rejected by him.” The title of that sermon will be, “Rejected by His Familiar Friend.” Remember, copies of these sermons may be had for the asking.

… see you in church.