Rev. J.A. Heys, of South Holland, has received a call from Southwest Church in Grand Rapids, The Lord willing, Rev. H. Hoeksema will begin his annual series of radio sermons for the Reformed Witness Hour, Sunday, Dec. 1st and will conclude on Resurrection Day, March 29, 1964. Rev. Hoeksema has planned a series of sermons which expound the truth of the natures and offices of our Lord Jesus Christ. During December the topics will be, “Christ, Human and Divine” (Dec. 1), “The Man Jesus Christ” (Dec. 8), “The Virgin Birth” (Dec. 15), “The Offices of Christ” (Dec. 22), Christ, Our Prophet” (Dec. 29). For further study of these very important doctrinal truths we refer you to Articles17 through 21 of our Netherlands Confession of Faith. Printed copies of the radio messages may be obtained by writing to. The Reformed Witness Hour, Box 1230, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Did you know that our Missionary is again working in Houston, Texas? He conducts two worship services and a Sunday School every Sunday; he conducts an Adult Bible Class every Thursday evening, and has also begun a systematic method of teaching the children by way of catechism instruction, using the books we use in all our churches. The mid-week Bible Class is currently studying the Canons of Dordt which, when completed, will be followed by study of The Church Order. The sermon topics, as well as the Sunday School lessons, in December will center around the promise of, and the birth of Christ. Rev. Lubbers hopes that this instruction will be reflected in the planned Christmas Program to be given by the children that it may give a distinctive sound. Are we remembering our Missionary in our daily prayers

Tuesday evening Nov. 19, was the scheduled date for the lecture given by Rev. H. Hoeksema in South Holland, IL. The subject to be treated was, “The Place of Reprobation in the Preaching of the Gospel.” 

This bit of news was lifted from First Church’s bulletin: Rev. Elliott, who is located in the eastern end of the Island of Jamaica, writes, “We in Jamaica have suffered great wind and flood damage; banana houses have been destroyed, roads have been washed out; men, women and children were drowned. He does not state that any of the members of his congregations were killed by the storm. Southeast’s Young People’s Society began the season’s study of the Scriptures Sunday Nov. 10. The treasures they will strive to unlock are to be found in Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians. 

The Young People’s Societies of Hull, Doon and Edgerton enjoyed a Mass Meeting in Hull Sunday evening, Nov. 10. Rev. H. Hanko was the speaker; special musical numbers were rendered, and the offering was devoted to the Young People’s Scholarship Fund. 

The first Christmas Program announcement to appear in the bulletins was that Hope’s Choral Society plans to render its annual Christmas music Sunday evening, Dec. 22. 

Sunday, Nov. 19 Hudsonville’s Young People’s Society was host to the Senior Y.P. Society of First Church, Grand Rapids. Mr. Harry Zwak, president of the host society, led the Bible discussion which concerned the journeyings of Abraham in strange lands, looking for the hope of the inheritance typified by the land of Canaan. The after recess program was introduced by Dave Bol, of the visiting society, a discussion centering around, “Dating,” including the inevitable problem of dating those who are not members of our denomination. 

Randolph’s Adult Bible Class, in an after recess discussion, busied itself with the Scriptural injunction to pray, as found in Psalm 122:6. Their aim was to understand the meaning of “Jerusalem,” and what “peace” is to be the object of our prayer. 

In the schedule of joint society meetings First Church’s men visited the men of Southeast Church Monday evening, Nov. 19. Rev. M. Schipper led the Bible discussion which was from the 4th chapter of the Epistle of James. Mr. M. Swart, of the visiting society, rendered an essay entitled, “On The Way To The False Church.” He warned the men of the dangers lurking in the churches in which an erroneous statement like, “A favorable attitude of God toward the reprobate” can balloon into one like, “God loves all men” in less than 40 years. The burden of his paper was the assertion that every church that begins to embrace an error, though still the true church, will in the generations become the false church. Hence the warning: Do not give place to a deviation however slight, for if it be not eradicated it will eventually lead to a total denial of the truth. 

Bulletin quote (Oak Lawn’s): Men do not reject the Bible because it contradicts itself, but because it contradicts them!

. . . see you in church.