News From Our Churches

Every person familiar with our Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary knows what the seminarians did during their Christmas vacation. They studied for their exams at the end of the first semester. We sympathize with them, knowing how difficult their studies can become. But what about our professors? Surely this was a time of relaxation for them! Actually they spent their vacation time doing what they like best of all, preaching the Word of God in our churches. Prof. Hoeksema preached the morning of the 26th in Kalamazoo. Prof. Decker preached on the 26th at Hope in the morning and at Southwest in the evening. Prof. Hanko and family visited Rev. R. Hanko in New Jersey and. preached at Hudsonville on New Year’s Day. Our professors greatly appreciate these “seminary Sundays.” 

Rev. C. Hanko is planning on spending two months in Bradenton, Florida, beginning this January. Since I am mentioning Bradenton, Florida, here is a quote from Kalamazoo Protestant Reformed Church’s bulletin, “. . .our consistory was requested to take over the mission work in Bradenton, Florida. . . . . This we have consented to do.” May God bless the labors performed in Florida. 

At this point I will provide you with a lengthy quote from the Church Extension Committee of Loveland Protestant Reformed Church. Most of this quote involves published materials. 

“We ordered copies of the pamphlet published by South Holland on Remembering the Lord’s Day by Rev. Engelsma and one published by our mission committee on Faith and Practice of the Protestant Reformed Churches. . . . .

“We were contacted by the Southeast Prot. Ref. Church requesting that our pamphlet, ‘Is the Christian Faith Easy?’ be made available to our other churches in the denomination. This we have done and they are now publishing a list of all material published by the individual churches. 

“We also have initiated a newspaper advertising program. . .in the Reporter Herald. This includes a brief witness and sermon topics along with the time of services. . . .” Loveland also has an agent who handles the R.F.P.A. publications. 

Many of our other churches are involved in the distribution of Protestant Reformed materials on a regular basis. Our own missionaries will tell you that many people do not know of our publications at all, and that there are others who do know of them but cannot afford them. Rev. Van Overloop, Rev. Houck, and Rev. Hanko in November found at the end of their visits that they needed “3 Psalters . . .records and tapes ofPsalter numbers—a total of about $30. . .various Reformed books and other literature. . . . These items have been or will be given as gifts to those who cannot afford them in most cases.” 

There are many people who appreciate our published materials. I have three partial quotes from the correspondence that the Publications Committee of our churches received and printed in “Across The Aisle,” the news publication of First Protestant Reformed Church of Grand Rapids. 

“North Ireland. . .I have profited much from reading the various booklets presented by the Evangelism committee of the P.R.C. I am sure two certain booklets have a very vital place among the elect of God in shielding them from the plague of Arminianism!”

“England. . .I am wondering whether you can send me a copy of the following booklets by H. Hoeksema. . . . I am prompted to send for the above after having seen them advertised on a tract named ‘The Gospel’ which I have enjoyed.” 

“Our own country. . .I have for the past six months been in contact with the Evangelism Committee of South Holland Protestant Reformed Church. I’m a firm believer in the Reformed faith and your stand on common grace. Would like to see a mission group started here in New England for the Protestant Reformed Church. I’m willing to work to this goal and in fact have several people who are interested in same.” 

Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church has sermons of Rev. G. Vos. “Sermons are available both in the Dutch and the English. One English sermon is from the pulpit, the rest are radio addresses. For more information, contact Klaire Berens, either at his shop: 1-616-669-5970, or at his residence: 1-616-669-0377.”