New trios announced: Hope, Revs. C. Hanko, J.A. Heys; H. Veldman; Lynden, Revs. J. Kortering, G. Lanting, H. Veldman.

The program given by the Hope Heralds in Oak Lawn’s Church proved to be a satisfying evening of praise. The offering which was given to the Protestant Reformed Christian School in Loveland amounted to $102.80.

March 8 was the date set by the Ladies’ Auxiliary for the Home Talent Program in South Holland Church. The offering, understandably, was for their school.

Advance notice. Eastern Ladies’ League, March 28. Speaker, Seminarian Dave Engelsma; topic, “To What Extent Should Parents Try To Induce Their Children To Go In The Ministry.” and, An Easter Cantata will be rendered, D.V., in Hope Church, April 14, by their Choral Society. This program is scheduled for 9 P.M. allowing time for worshipers in our neighboring churches to attend.

From First Church’s bulletin we learn that Mrs. H. Hoeksema’s condition is worsening. Her “sister” in the other parsonage is also on the sick list. Mrs. C. Hanko suffered a gall bladder attack and a siege of pleurisy, but is at this writing somewhat better.

First Church resorted to piano accompaniment to the congregational singing for two weeks. The organ underwent some emergency repairs, but even after that its condition allowed but limited use. In an auditorium of that size piano accompaniment, even when it is amplified on the p.a. system, is a poor substitute for the sonorous tones of a mighty pipe organ. All of which indicates that ways and means will soon be sought to build up a New Organ Fund.

Lynden’s Feb. 24th bulletin was the final one sent by Rev. Harbach from the place of his 8-year pastorate before leaving for Kalamazoo, Mich. The bulletin revealed his farewell sermon to be based on Heb. 12:1, 2: “Running The Race Set Before Us.” In the last paragraph of the printed bulletin the pastor bade his flock a personal farewell, concluding with this admonition, “Stand fast in the Reformed Faith as we know it and have been instructed in it.” The congregation’s last song that evening was the Scripturally based equivalent for Rev. J.A. Rankin’s, “God Be With You Till We Meet Again”: Allbert L. Peace’s versification of Psalm 121, “From every evil shall He keep thy soul, From every sin, Jehovah shall preserve thy going out, Thy coming in, Above thee watching, He Whom we adore, Shall keep thee henceforth, yea, for ever more.”

Lynden’s dream of a new church building is rapidly being fulfilled. Lumber has been ordered and received, and is lying on the building site which has been prepared for the laying in of the foundation. The bulletin adds, “May the Lord richly bless these beginnings made in His name and for His glory.”

Bulletin quotes “We must be ready to give up anything and everything for the sake of principles which we have espoused, and must be ready to offend our best supporters, to alienate our warmest friends, sooner than belie our consciences. We must be ready to be beggars in purse and offscouring in reputation rather than act treacherously.” C.H. Spurgeon.

Adams St. School Board is again conducting a Deficit Drive to meet this year’s operating costs unpaid by tuition. To date this deficit amounts to $8,691.00 which it is hoped will be pledged between March 11 and 15.

Sunday, March 3, both Edgerton and First churches rejoiced to hear the public confession of faith of five of the young people of the former and seven of the latter. Those twelve, too, are in the class of Timothy, in that “from a child they have known the Scriptures which were able to make them wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.”

Southeast’s consistory has effected a slight change in their order of worship by adding an “offertory” by the organ while the offerings are being taken.

The front entrance of Randolph’s church was recently remodeled which provided rest rooms and also bulletin boards with racks to display pamphlets.

A society of the Christian School in Randolph sponsored a panel discussion on “Making Our Children Spiritually Strong,” featuring a mother, a father, a teacher, and a pastor. The pastor in this case was our Rev. G. VanBaren.

We are regularly receiving bulletins from our Missionary in Houston, Texas. Rev. Lubbers continues to conduct a 9:45 Sunday School session, and 11:00 A.M. and 7:36 P.M. Divine worship services. March 3 the Missionary preached the first of a “Lenten” series entitled, “Satan’s Opposition to Christ’s Death,” from Matt. 16:21-23.

Edgerton’s young people were reminded in a February bulletin that at their next meeting they would be expected to choose the 1963 Convention Theme! That marks the beginning of six months of preparation for next summer’s convention.

. . . see you in church.