The weekend of horror for the citizens of the United States led serious minded children of God to meditate upon the mysterious ways of God, as Rev. H. Hoeksema comforted his congregation in his Sunday evening sermon with the Scriptural truth that whereas President Kennedy was slain by human hands, yet behind that act was the inscrutable wisdom of God Who rules over all the affairs of men. Surely, “He removeth kings (presidents), and he setteth up kings.”Dan. 2:21

Rev. H. Hanko of Doon, has begun a catechism class for confessing members of his congregation. His initial. announcement noted, “We intend to discuss the Belgic Confession, a beautiful and important Creed of the Church, that can be of benefit to all of us.” 

The latest lecture of Rev. Woudenberg in his series on the Five Points of Calvinism has now appeared in mimeograph form. Copies of this speech were made available to Randolph’s congregation, and were mailed to the visitors at the lecture. 

Rev. C. Hanko and Mr. H. Meulenberg were scheduled to give their latest illustrated lecture on “Mission Work in Jamaica” in Randolph. Wednesday evening, Dec. 4. By this time all of our people have been given opportunity to hear this first-hand report of the work which has been accomplished on that Island. Most of us will remember that Rev. Hanko assured the Jamaican Christians that we as Prot. Ref. Churches believe in living a sanctified life, as do they. But has it occurred to you that Rev. Hanko probably made that assertion with tongue-in-cheek while aware of the fact that the T.V. occupied a commonplace corner in many of our homes? Surely, the play-acting .done on the T.V. screen is the same abominable sin in the sight of God as that of the movies which was agreed by all to be principally of the Evil One. In the movies (T.V. or otherwise) sin is played, played for amusement’s sake; sin, which unless it is forgiven in the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, must forever bar us from the kingdom of God: murder, theft, divorce, adultery, disobedience, etc.—shall it be played, and that for the mere carnal enjoyment of ungodly men? Shall we, Prot. Ref. Christians, find pleasure in that which. is so terrible in the sight of our God.2 God forbid that we should measure up to the indictment so fearlessly rendered in Romans 1:32, “Who knowing the just judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them!” Yes, Rev. Hanko, we do believe in sanctified living, and according to the principle of our regenerated hearts we do not find delight in sin, whether play-acted or actual! 

First’s Junior Young People’s Society was scheduled to meet with Southeast’s Y.P. Society Sunday afternoon, Dec. 8, at Southeast Church! The program, furnished by the visitors, was to include a baritone horn solo by Don Jonker; and a paper by Ben Wiggers on,The Evils of Television. The host Society, under the leadership of Rev. Schipper, is studying Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians. 

A news item in the Grand Rapids Press was of special interest to Rev. and Mrs. C. Hanko while they were on their Western trip. Two homes had been looted, and the Hanko parsonage at 1221 Bates St. was one of them! Fred Hanko discovered the break-in when he checked the residence Sunday evening. The house had been ransacked with contents of drawers strewed about, but the extent of loss could not be determined until the return of the travelers. What a homecoming!

Adams St. School principal, Mr. Roland Petersen, is conducting a three-session-course on the highly controversial subject, “Basic and Modern Math,” which is taught in some of the classes in their school. The evening course is for the parents of the children involved, and if the second and third sessions are as interesting and educational as the first, the course will surely be worthwhile. Before attending this class the parents were being instructed by the children, a topsy-turvy situation, indeed! 

The Beacon Lights’ Singspiration of November was held in Hope Church, Nov. 24. Ed Langerak led in opening devotions and Gerald Kuiper led the singing, with Mrs. Kuiper at the organ and Lois Schipper at the piano. Special numbers were given by Mr. Clarence Kuiper who gave an organ solo, “An Ode of Thanksgiving,” and by Mr. John Bult who rendered a vocal solo, “Thanks Be to God.” The theme, “Thanksgiving,” was further developed in the songs that were sung by the men, women and children that came from the area churches to complete a day of worship with praise to our God. 

The Fall Mass Meeting of Young People’s Societies scheduled for Nov. 26 had to be postponed to another date to be announced later. 

Because it was Hull’s turn to be responsible for the work, their bulletin carried a call for help to prepare for mailing the latest of pamphlets of the Reformed Action Society. 

Thought for today, from Oak Lawn’s bulletin, “Bearing one another’s burdens is very different from bearing down on them!” 

. . . see you in church.