News From Our Churches

Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.


Congregation Activities 

With a mixture of great excitement and eager anticipation, thirty-six participants from fifteen different congregations from all over the country (Hull, Doon, Loveland, Kalamazoo, Georgetown, Randolph, and Bethel, to name just a few), accompanied by several older chaperones, left early Monday morning, August 4, for a week-long canoe trip to the Boundary Waters in northeastern Minnesota. What an opportunity for these young people to drink inthe serenity and beauty of God’s creation in a way they might not have experienced before. By God’s grace these “explorers” were drawn nearer to the Creator and His creation as they also meditated on the theme, “Called to Fight the Good Fight,” based on 
I Timothy 6:12. Thanks also to the young people of the Bethel PRC in Roselle, IL for organizing this year’s trip.

For your information, audio-streaming and sermon archives for Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI are now available. This means that if you go and click on the “Sermon Audio” icon on the middle/right side of the website, you can hear Georgetown’s pastor, Rev. C. Haak, live. This is of special benefit if you cannot make it to church. Or you could also encourage a friend or loved one to tune in. If you would like to hear an archived sermon, you can click on “Sermon Archives” (below the “Sermon Audio” icon) to get a listing of archived sermons and then click to listen.

We believe it would be safe to assume that all our churches have a church picnic sometime during the summer months, but the Loveland, CO PRC may be the only one of our congregations that gets to enjoy a yearly choir picnic. In addition to the joy that comes from singing God’s praises throughout the year, these choir members also enjoy a summer potluck dinner together.

The “News” has noticed that in addition to annual church picnics, many of our congregations are also participating in summer, week-long, church-camping outings. Although we cannot say for certain, the list seems to be growing each year. Events center in the activities associated with camping, with one night of the week featuring a potluck or pizza party for the entire congregation, campers or not. This year’s list of camping congregations included the Immanuel, Trinity, First (Holland), and First (GR) churches.

Sunday, August 10, the congregation at First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI hosted what has become their annual “Summer Singspiration.” Members of surrounding congregations were invited for an evening of fellowship and praising God through song. The evening included audience singing with brass accompaniment, as well as instrumental and vocal special numbers. An offering was received for the evangelism work of First.

Members of First PRC in Edmonton, AB, Canada were invited to come out Saturday, July 19, for what was advertised as a little work and a lot of fellowship as they gathered together for a work bee to lay new sod around their parsonage.

Before summer gives way later this month to fall, we want to include the theme of a sermon preached back in July by Rev. Doug Kuiper while visiting the Loveland, CO PRC. Rev. Kuiper preached fromProverbs 10:5 under the theme, “The Wise Son’s Use of His Summer.”

Sister-Church Activities

Our denomination’s sister church in Northern Ireland, the Covenant PRC in Ballymena, took part in the biennial British Reformed Fellowship Conference at the Share Center, located on the shore of Upper Lough Erne CO, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, from July 25-August 1. Profs. D. Engelsma and H. Hanko spoke on “The Work of the Holy Spirit,” while Rev. A. Stewart presented a special lecture on Charismaticism, a vital subject in our day of widespread and growing charismaticism. Those who attended were promised that they could come and marvel at far greater works of the Holy Spirit than have ever been taught or practiced by the charismatics.

Mission Activities

Rev. R. Smit, pastor of the Immanuel PRC in Lacombe, AB, Canada, accompanied by his brother, Deacon P. Smit from the Hope PRC in Redlands, CA, traveled to the Philippines in mid-August. Rev. Smit provided pulpit supply in the Berean PRC in Manila over the Sundays of August 17, 24, and 31. Our denomination’s FMC and the Doon PRC Council also asked the delegation to make other visits, including travel to Inayauan (on the central Philippine island of Negros, south of Bacolod City), in order to visit with Pastor Rosal and his congregation and to provide some speeches on the theme, “The Faithful Covenant Home” (
Col. 3:15-21). Plans also called for the men to accompany members of the Berean Consistory to visit the mission group in Gabaldon, northeast of Manila on the island of Luzon.

Elders Ray Ezinga and Leon Griess, members of the Loveland, CO PRC, the calling church for the mission work in Spokane, WA and Missionary Rev. T. Miersma, visited the Covenant of Grace PR Fellowship of Spokane August 14-18. During this visit they conducted family visitation, met with Rev. Miersma and his family, and encouraged the Fellowship.

School Activities

The Lord willing, the doors of Trinity Christian High School in Hull, IA opened for the first time, for instruction of ninth grade students, the morning of Monday, August 25. Joyful celebration of this manifestation of God’s bountiful blessing will be marked by the first convocation, which will be held that evening at the Hull PRC.