Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Congregation Activities


For the second consecutive year the Wingham PRC and southwest Ontario were privileged to host the Trinity Men Singers from Trinity PRC of Hudsonville, MI, with wives and a few extras, for a concert of sacred music on Friday, May 6, at nearby Westfield Church. The church was nearly filled, with a good number of visitors attending from the area. Refreshments and fellowship were enjoyed by all following the concert. The next morning a Pancake Breakfast at the Wingham PRC was provided for the congregation and their guests from Trinity. Men from Trinity provided the propane griddle and the pancake flipping skills.

“Let’s Get Wise and Memorize” is the theme for a summer Bible memorization program geared for all members of the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI. Members of Georgetown were urged to consider participating in this 9-week program to hide God’s Word in their hearts (Ps. 115:11a) and to be an example to the children of the church that memorizing God’s Word is a lifetime pursuit.

The congregation of Georgetown PRC was also given a special opportunity to minister to a 16-year old girl who was in a crisis pregnancy. With approval from the consistory, Georgetown was encouraged to assist this young woman by having an anonymous Baby Shower. A crib was set up in their fellowship room until mid-May for donations.

The fathers and sons of Grace PRC in Standale, MI enjoyed their annual fishing trip over the Memorial Day weekend (May 26-28) at Lakeview Campground in Ludington, MI.

The Grace Choral Society presented a program entitled “The Gospel Story” after their morning service on Pentecost Sunday, May 15.

The Choral Society of the Kalamazoo, MI PRC invited their congregation to stay after their evening service on May 15 for an evening of singing praises to our heavenly Father.


Young Adult Activities


We extend a sincere word of thanks to the congregation of Covenant PRC in Wyckoff, NJ for serving as wonderful hosts for their Young Adults’ Retreat, held this year at the Spruce Lake Retreat Center in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. This year’s theme was “Defending Our Faith,” with Rev. J. Mahtani speaking first on “A Precious Distinctive Faith to Defend,” followed by Rev. W. Bruinsma speaking on “A Dangerous Foe to Defend Against.” These two speeches were followed by a third, not really a speech, but rather a discussion by all in attendance, on the subject of “A Victorious Power by Which to Defend.” Besides these three speeches, activities centered in good Christian fellowship, with two trips into New York City and a wide range of activities at the camp, including an impressive adventure challenge or obstacle course, which drew considerable attention. Having heard two eyewitness accounts of the retreat (our two sons were there) and having seen some 160 pictures via the Internet, I can safely conclude that it was truly a blessed week of Christian fellowship. One participant summed it up rather well in Wyckoff’s bulletin the next week when he said, “It’s always amazing to me how PR people from all over North America gather in one spot to fellowship, because of our like faith—pretty cool, really.”


Evangelism Activities


On Friday, May 20, the Evangelism Committee of the Randolph, WI PRC hosted a Spring lecture given by Rev. W. Bruinsma under the theme, “The Cultural Mandate of Genesis 1.”

A special evangelism evening was held at Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI on May 11. Members of Georgetown were invited to come for an evening to learn more about their calling and privilege to be a witness of the gospel. The evening’s theme was “Hide It Under a Bushel, No!” Rev. C. Haak and Rev. R. VanOverloop gave brief talks, and opportunity was given for discussion and questions.


Mission Activities


In May Prof. H. Hanko, along with his wife, spent several weeks visiting with Missionary Rev. A. Stewart and his wife, as well as the Covenant PR Fellowship in Northern Ireland. By our count, and we may have missed some, Prof. Hanko preached for the Fellowship on three successive Lord’s Days. He led two midweek Bible studies on the qualifications of officebearers, and he lectured twice, the first in Limerick on “Tradition,” and the second in Ballymena on “The Excellency of the Authorized Version.” On June 3 Rev. Stewart also presented a lecture in Porthcawl, South Wales on the subject, “Christ Will Build His Church.”

This past Memorial Day weekend the members of the Mission in Pittsburgh sponsored their annual picnic. Rev. R. VanOverloop spoke on “The Christian’s Calling in the War against Terrorism.”


Minister Activities


We extend our congratulations to Rev. and Mrs. G. Eriks and their four daughters, who were blessed with the birth of a healthy son and brother, Garret Samuel, on May 15.

On May 15, members of the West Michigan churches were invited to an Open House celebration at Georgetown PRC honoring Rev. W. Bekkering, with his wife Phyllis, for 32 years of service to our churches.

Since our last “News” Rev. G. Eriks declined a call extended to him from First PRC in Edmonton, AB, Canada. They have now extended a call to Rev. W. Bruinsma.

Rev. W. Bruinsma declined the call he received from First PRC in Holland, MI. First has since issued a call to Rev. J. Slopsema to serve as their next pastor.

Rev. G. Eriks has accepted the call he received from the Hudsonville, MI PRC to “come over and help them” as their next pastor.