Rev. J. Kortering, of Hull, Iowa declined the call from Isabel, S. Dakota.

The Fall Mass Meeting of the young people of the Grand Rapids area was held in Southwest Church Oct. 27. Rev. J.A. Heys, of South Holland, was the speaker; his topic was, “An Ecumenical Appraisal of the Reformation.” This was a scholarly discourse on the effect of the Reformation upon the church as it exists in the world at any one time, but especially upon that church as it exists today. This assuredly was not any ordinary run-of-the-mill Reformation Day speech, but was a fresh outlook upon an historical event that affects us centuries later. The musical part of the program was furnished by Don Jonker on his baritone horn, with Mary Kregel at the piano. After recess and refreshments (sweet cider and doughnuts), colored slides were enjoyed. The pictures? The European trip made by Karlene Oomkes and Chris Faber. Chris was at the projector and Karlene did the narration. It seems that in one of the foreign countries Karlene could converse freely with the natives while Chris wished she could.

Hull’s congregation approved the recommended heating improvements in their newly acquired property, and were also asked to approve the Consistory’s proposal to sell their present parsonage.

The Men’s League Membership Meeting was held in Hudsonville Oct. 26. Rev. G. Lubbers, of Southwest, gave the address which was an answer to the question, “Must we pray for all in authority?”

Randolph, which has no Sunday School, nevertheless furnished S.S. papers to the children of the church. They are displayed with the Radio Sermons in the bulletin board rack.

In an October sermon Kalamazoo’s congregation learned that the Book of Ruth is not merely a history of a family of Israel but is also a lesson in the declining way of a backslider.

And in Oak Lawn the Young People’s Society invited the adult members of the congregation to their meeting Sunday evening, Nov. 1. The Bible discussion centered around the miracle of Jonah’s deliverance from death by drowning, and the after recess discussion was introduced by Rev. Vanden Berg and was on “The future of the Prot. Ref. Churches.” After the meeting the young hosts served coffee to their guests.

Loveland’s membership was called to a congregational meeting Oct. 12 to approve a proposal by the Consistory to purchase property situated at Grant and Fifth Sts. which was formerly a Roman Catholic church. The proposal included a six months’ option to buy an adjacent building, and definite plans to raise the $7,000.00 figure involved.